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How We Build Your IFS
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How We Build Your IFS

How We Build Your IFS

The thinking behind your IFS, including the Engineering Design that makes it work and the type of materials we use and all the laser-cut or water-cut brackets we have designed for an exact fit every time. No other manufacturer offers an adjustable-stance in every chassis or IFS.

We provide all Grade-8 yellow-zinc fasteners with all of our kits. We provide you with the best Nylock nuts where a nut and bolt must be used. We also provide a thickness variety of yellow-zinc A/N washers. The thin, small diameter A/N washers and thin Nylock nuts are the best we can get for a safe and great looking installation.

We give you new '67-72 Chevelle disc brake spindles on most of our IFS applications. The Chevelle spindles feature our new water-jet cut, 1-inch thick steel, bolt-on front-or-rear-steer steering arms. All of our spindle/brake packages are fully assembled with bearings packed and brake pads installed, so all you have to do is install them between the A-arms. We offer several brake options for these spindles all the way from the stock (single-piston) Chevelle 11-inch disc brakes to Wilwood or Super Stopper 14-inch rotors with either 4-or-6-piston calipers.

The upper-and-lower balljoints we use in all our IFS and chassis are U.S. made aftermarket GM items used from 1974-94 on all full-size and mid-size GM passenger cars. We press-in all the lower balljoints for you in all our lower A-arms. Both greaseable joints feature urethane boots. Every parts store carries a replacement balljoint if you ever need one. The upper balljoint simply bolts into the A-arm with 4-1/4X20 bolts and nuts.

All of our lower A-arms are made from 1018 D.O.M. (drawn over mandrel) steel tube and are either 1-inch od diameter X .156-inch wall on our standard chassis and IFS or 1 ¼-inch od diameter X.156-inch wall on all heavy duty chassis or HD IFS. All of our A-arms are mandrel-bent and jig-built for a consistent direct-replacement part every time. We pulse tig-weld all of our laser cut parts to keep the heat warp to a minimum. Precise milling (by our shop) on the ends of the A-arms, that meet the balljoint cup, allow us to have more surface-to-weld contact then most other manufacturers. A precise fit means a stronger and safer part for you.

All of our upper A-arms also feature 1018 D.O.M. (drawn over mandrel) steel tube and are either 7/8-inch od diameter on our standard chassis and standard IFS or 1-inch on all of our heavy duty chassis and HD IFS. For correct caster gain during braking, we have designed an anti-dive angle into the upper tower A-arm mount. We mandrel-bend some of our upper A-arms, but we always jig-build them to make a consistent interchangeable part every time. The rod ends we use are Teflon-lined for smooth A-arm movement and once aligned will not move.

Our 1018 steel, ¾-inch diameter, nickel plated lower A-arm cross-shafts are some of the largest in the aftermarket industry (other companies use ½-or-5/8-inch od shafts). For easy removal of the cross shaft from the front crossmember, we have installed bronze bushings in the crossmember. The shaft will never rust and the hole will never rust and be impossible to remove. We want your disassembly to be an easy one. For smooth A-arm movement, and to eliminate telescoping road vibration through the steering, we use 90-Durometer urethane bushings to isolate the lower A-arm cross shaft in the crossmember. If you'll notice in the close-up view of the bronze bushing, we have included a set-screw hole to secure the cross shaft from rotation. This way the rotation is on the urethane bushings in the A-arms and not the bronze bushings in the crossmember, for all those happy miles you're going to drive. The CNC machined aluminum end-caps and counter sunk flat-head 5/16 screws on each end of the lower cross shaft hold it into the crossmember. It is critical that you use Loctite on these threads, other wise the cross shafts will work their way out!

7. More adjustable stance
Since we are famous for our adjustable stance chassis and IFS, here's where we give you more adjustability. We have designed the lower A-arm with two lower mounting holes for either the coilovers or the Air Ride Technologies ShockWave air springs. This equates to about ¾-to-1-inch of stance adjustment. Spacers on each side keep the coilovers or ShockWaves centered at their lower mounting point. Notice the antisway bar lower-link mounting hole (shown in the photo) just above the cross shaft holes on the outside of the A-arm.

We supply new manual rack-and-pinion steering units or rebuilt power racks with our kits. Our '78-93 Mustang manual rack features 4-turns lock-to-lock, while the power rack offers 2.6-turns lock-to-lock. Jim Meyer has designed a custom tapered tie-rod adapter to fit the stock GM steering arm's factory tapered hole. These adjustable adapters used on all of our manual or power rack-and-pinion steering units will allow you to adjust toe-in and toe-out. This gives you the same tight, no-slop-steering feel that the factory rack-and-pinion steering gives you. We use Teflon-lined rod ends to connect to the rack and tie-rod adapter for tighter steering.

We produce the only adjustable stance chassis and IFS in the industry and here's how it works, so you can have the stance that's right for you….Rod or Resto.

How We Build Your IFS How We Build Your IFS

We build a very beefy front crossmember to give you an adjustable stance IFS. They are made from 2X4 box tube with a .188-inch wall thickness. The upper coilover mounting point is adjustable up-and-down for your favorite stance. Each IFS we build for a chassis or IFS includes four ½-inch X13 threaded holes in the upper A-arm tower for the upper coilover shock mount (or bag mount). Since there are two holes in the bracket, the four holes offers you a three position upper mount adjustment (using two holes for each movement up-or-down). These three positions will give you about 3-inches of adjustment up-or-down. For extra strength, the mounting surface of the bracket has a double thickness where it mates to the upper tower. The bracket can be flipped for an additional 1-inch up-or-down. The lower A-arm also offers a 2-hole mounting point that will raise-or-lower the coilover for about another 3/4-to-1-inch. Also, notice the difference in length of this upper bracket in the two photos. We offer two bracket lengths for coilovers with smaller collars that can be closer to the frame or ShockWaves air springs that have larger collars. The short bracket is 1 5/8-inches from the coilover hole to the mounting surface, while the longer one is 2 ¼-inches.


How We Build Your IFS How We Build Your IFS

We give you at least 3-inches of stance adjustability at the rear with our multi-hole mounting brackets for either coilover shocks or ShockWave air springs. Both styles of brackets shown: Our 3-hole Standard Street Rod Bracket or our adjustable multi-hole Drag Racing Style Bracket will accept coliovers or ShockWaves. The Drag Racing Bracket offers more adjustment, about 4-5-inches. Both upper brackets have a fixed two-position mounting point. We would normally use this upper outer-hole for the larger diameter ShockWave air springs. Notice how we incorporate “torque struts” between the housing and the coilover shock Drag Racing style brackets. This helps to eliminate housing “wind-up” under torque loads.

How We Build Your IFS

No other chassis or IFS manufacturer offers 4-corner stance adjustability like Jim Meyer Racing Products. We feel Quality Is Everything and the Stance really makes the look of your ride. Now you can have it the way you like it. We recommend it on the ground where it really looks the best!

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