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IFS Kits
64-73 Mustang IFS Kit
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1965 Mustang Coupe With A Jim Meyer IFS Kit Belongs To Barney & Gloria Pierce Of Florence, Oregon
64-73 Mustang IFS Kit

IFS Kits

We have been offering Bolt-in IFS kits for the tower suspension GM cars for over 20 years and now we are producing a Bolt-in IFS (to factory holes) that fits the ’64 ½-73 Mustang. This tower-suspension platform was used in many of the Ford line of cars from ’60-77. Due to build tolerances, year, and model variations it's wise to complete a Spec Sheet and return.

Up-grade your stock suspension and old drum brakes with an easy-to-bolt-in front suspension unit. The new stock width IFS bolts directly to the frame, in place of the original suspension. Since the original suspension was also bolted-in, minimum effort is needed for removal! Our crossmember doesn't effect your ground clearance.

The new bolt-in crossmember and upper towers hold tubular upper-and-lower A-arms (1-inch X .156-inch wall). They include new forged spindles and billet rear steer steering arms and ball joints. A 3-turn lock-to-lock manual rack-and-pinion steering unit (Flaming River), or Power rear steer rack and pinion. With this installation, stock-column modifications are necessary. The best course is to replace with an ididit column!

IFS Kits

The fully-adjustable suspension utilizes adjustable aluminum coilover-shocks that have a multi-position upper-and-lower attachment points for the easily-adjustable stance you like the best! With fully adjustable upper A-arms, this new IFS unit can be tuned by any alignment shop! Include 1-inch diameter sway bar, and upgrade options from Big Brake packages, up to 14" rotors and 6 piston calipers, ididit columns, and steering-linkage kit.

IFS Kits

So what’s the big deal, you may be asking yourself? This tower-suspension platform was never viewed as a great handling car. Take a look at all the parts you need to remove and notice all the connections. There is a little movement in each connection, not to mention the weak tower problems that needed supports in the engine compartment; and under the car to keep it from bending and twisting with torque. The big deal is greatly improved tubular A-arm handling, optional larger disc-brake stopping, standard rack-and-pinion steering and an additional crossmember to reinforce the stock platform.


It features a tighter-then-stock turning radius, caster and camber weight is loaded onto the frame not the inner fender panel, no need for tower supports. Rear steer crossmember sits above front-sump oil pan and will clear Patriot headers and the upper A-arms include left-and-right-hand threaded adjusters for easy alignment. The new bolt-in crossmember holds tubular upper-and-lower A-arms (1-inch X .156-inch wall arms).

With reprogrammed suspension geometry, reduced anti-dive and adjustable stance, the new rear steer A-arm IFS offers as standard equipment rack-and-pinion steering, 11-inch vented disc brakes (with loads of larger disc brake options), aluminum adjustable coilover shocks, 1-inch antisway bar, tubular A-arms (not Mustang II) and removable steering arms.

Probably the best feature is this IFS installation can be done at home in a weekend with basic hand tools, only a drill motor and jack stands. There is no cutting and only 8-holes to drill with provided templates. Our steering hook-up kit or a new steering column will be necessary to connect to the new R&P steering linkage.

  • Check out an install we did on a Mustang.
  • Download & Print 64-73 Mustang IFS Install Instructions in PDF format here!

  • Front Suspension Options

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