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Jim Meyer On His Bonniville Record Breaking Bike
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AirRide Shockwave Upgrade
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AirRide Shockwave Upgrade

Air Ride Suspension Upgrade

Stance is everything! Our '65 shop truck features our '60-87 IFS and Air Ride Technologies ShockWaveTM #SKW1003 system. With a 24-inch tall tire and measuring through the axle centerline, it is 21-inches from ground to top of wheel well opening. Or, at bottom of body, at the front door seam, the sheet metal is 3 1/2-inches from the ground when down and 7/12 inches when all the way up, with 2-inch drop spindles added to our IFS, you'll be lookin good! However, without modification to the stock inner fender panel, this is as low as any '60-72 pickup will go.

Air Ride Suspension Upgrade

All the way up with #SKW1003 is 25 1/4-inches up. This is the shortest unit available (#1003 offers 4 1/4-inches of movement). The next tallest system #SKW1000 is 26 1/4-inches up and the same 21 inches down for a total of 5 1/4-inches of movement.

Air Ride Suspension Upgrade

Since its introduction in 1999, the ShockWave has proven to be the most significant development in air suspensions... ever! In the summer of 2003, two United States patents were granted concerning the design and function of the ShockWave.
As an Air Ride Technologies dealer, we prefer to use ShockWave air suspension components because they have the best ride control with the patented shock through the center of both the ShockWave Sleeve-over-taper (for th erear) and the convoluted ShockWaves for the front. We also love their remote air control system for the highest degree of "Cool", when you stand with the speechless crowd looking at your ride as it drops to the ground at the push of a button in your pocket.
Both style ShockWaves (convoluted or sleeve style) are available with 12-position shock dampening adjustability or the non-adjustable style. Both are also available with either spherical bearing ends of poly-bushed ends (shown). Both styles are compatible with all of our chassis, IFS kits, and rear end kits and will also fit a stock chassis with our rear suspension kits. Notice the optional lower-mount extensions (shown) for the rear, sleeve-style ShockWave units that have two stance-adjustment holes. These rear units can extend to 14 1/4-inches when full of air.

AirRide Compressor & Control Kit

Air Ride Suspension Upgrade

The RidePRO® manual control 4 way compressor systems The control panel has 2 dual needle air pressure gauges and 4 switches that activate the RidePro® airvalves.

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