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Rear Suspsension
36" to 48" Ladder Bar Suspension Kit
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36" to 48" Ladder Bar Suspension Kit

36 to 48 Ladder Bar Suspension Kit

Ladder Bar Suspension Kits for 2015, we have upgraded our 36" - 48" Ladder Bar Kit At NO ADDITIONAL COST to our customers! The new kit features 1 1/4" OD x .095 wall Chrome Moly Tubing, more strength, less weight, go faster! The new design eliminates the need for diagonal bracing, a much cleaner look.
The bars feature on the car adjustability with right hand & left hand adjusters. The front mounts have 3 holes, so you can change the load on the rear tires.
Shock mounts on the rear end come in two styles, the standard 3 hole mount that mounts the single shear or the drag race style with more adjustment & double shear shock mounts. The top shock mounts can be individual weld on or a crossmemer with mounting bungs installed, also weld on.
Side to side motion is controlled by bolt on or weld on panhard rod mount on the rear end, or a diagonal link and shown in the photos below.

36 to 48 Ladder Bar Suspension Kit

The forward multi-hole 4-link brackets offer some adjustment to get closer to your instant center. These holes can be used for adding more pinion angle as well. Notice how the diagonal link bracket is attached using the main 4-link bolt. Adjustable rod ends were used on all the Ladder bar and diagonal link connecting points. Rod eyes are used on the rear end of the bars.

36 to 48 Ladder Bar Suspension Kit

At the rear of the Ladder Bars, we installed a left-right adjuster on the lower bar. This is used in conjunction with the forward multi-hole bracket when moving the forward end of the Ladder Bar up-or-down. You’ll notice on the top of the axle housing, we always include a vent and you can see we also supply a thirdmember gasket and Nylock nuts for installing your drop-out gears-set in our totally new housing.

36 to 48 Ladder Bar Suspension Kit

We build a completely new narrowed 9-inch housing with every order. We start with a new stamping, which is based on the best looking ’58 Ford round-back original style housing complete with a bottom drain. The housing comes with 3-inch X ¼-inch wall axle tubes and new Ford flanges on each end. After all the brackets are welded to the housing, it is aligned and straightened if necessary for perfect axle and bearing alignment.

36 to 48 Ladder Bar Suspension Kit

In this picture you see our drag race style adjustable mount.

Rear Suspension Options

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