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Best Tuner For C6 Corvette

Top 9 Best Tuner For C6 Corvette 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

While some people are satisfied with their car as it is, some want to live up to the best they can get out of it. One way to improve your driving experience is by adding a tuner, which is an added modification to boost your car’s performance compared to its designed requirement.

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S1000 DiabloSport Sprint AFM Module w/ Auto Start Stop Disable
New SUPERCHIPS DASHPAQ in-CAB Tuner, 2.4" Screen,Compatible with 1999-2016 GMC,Chevrolet,Cadillac & Hummer 4.3L,4.8L,5.3L,6.0L,6.2L,7.4L & 8.1L Gasoline Engines
Editor's Pick
Don't Miss
S1000 DiabloSport Sprint AFM Module w/ Auto Start Stop Disable
S1000 DiabloSport Sprint AFM Module w/ Auto Start Stop Disable
Also Consider
New SUPERCHIPS DASHPAQ in-CAB Tuner, 2.4" Screen,Compatible with 1999-2016 GMC,Chevrolet,Cadillac & Hummer 4.3L,4.8L,5.3L,6.0L,6.2L,7.4L & 8.1L Gasoline Engines
New SUPERCHIPS DASHPAQ in-CAB Tuner, 2.4" Screen,Compatible with 1999-2016 GMC,Chevrolet,Cadillac & Hummer 4.3L,4.8L,5.3L,6.0L,6.2L,7.4L & 8.1L Gasoline Engines

Some adjustments would include improving the car’s engine, fuel economy, and overall response.

You can find various tuners that would suit you and your C6 Corvette, and this article will tackle the best tuners there are.

What is The Best Tuner For C6 Corvette?

With the wide selection of tuners available in the market, many factors come into play when choosing the best tuner, which will be expounded on later in the review.

Some tuners lack certain aspects, but the winning tuner certainly does more than the ordinary.

With the given criteria, the best tuner for the C6 Corvette is the Superchips 2845.

Why Superchips 2845 is The Best Tuner For C6 Corvette?

It was no surprise that the Superchips 2845 was deemed the winner out of all the tuners listed.

Its versatility with many modes allows different drivers to explore and learn more about the Corvette’s capabilities.

The tuner has a large HD colored display, which is not present in other tuners out there. This feature would make it much easier for the driver to understand and use the interface.

Lastly, it has the most customer reviews on its improved effect on a car, whether it is its throttle response, compatibility with upgrades, or overall performance.

With the Superchips 2845, you will instantly feel how updated, different, and impressive your C6 Corvette is in any driving scenario!

Comparison Table of Best Tuner For C6 Corvette

Superchips 2845
DiabloSport 9245
Pedal Commander
DiabloSport S1000
DiabloSport 8245
Range Technology
Innovative Performance
DiabloSport 8200
Power Tune

Buying Consideration of Best Tuner For C6 Corvette

There is, without a doubt, difficulty in choosing the best tuner for your car.

Some devices range from different sizes and require different ways to install.

Other than that, some tuners perform well in one or two areas in the said criteria, while some go above and beyond from the usual.

Below are the things you need to think about when buying a tuner.


While there are tuners that simply work after being plugged in, some need to be set up in a specific way.

Despite most tuners having an instruction guide, there are still reviews from customers regarding their difficulty in their experience.

The tuner you buy must be easy for you to install, considering your skillset or abilities and materials available at home.

Moreover, some tuners could be plugged inside your car while having a screen on your dashboard, while others are not visible to passengers.

Find the right balance between an installation process you will manage through successfully and the tuner that will serve you the best.

C6 Corvette

Interface and customization

Most tuners have a graphic interface that is easy to use and understand, especially when these are enhanced.

Some systems use buttons or a touch screen for interacting with the software, while others do the work themselves.

Be sure that the tuner is convenient for you to navigate through and if it fits your customizing needs as other devices prohibit you from adjusting the different levels present in your car, but have a set of options to choose from.

Active car diagnostics are also available in these devices, so you might want to include them also during your selection process.

Driving modes

Tuners usually have an inclusive pre-set mode for different styles of driving.

Daily driving pertains to normal activities like going around your neighborhood, city, or town and to nearby establishments without needing to accelerate your car at high speed.

Towing is another option that aids your car to have more power when driving.

There are also more advanced modes like the sports mode, where you can have a higher acceleration than usual, and extreme tuning, which is a racing type of driving.

If these different options satisfy your adventurous side in driving, then you should consider getting a tuner that includes these.

If not, then you can find a simple tuner, which you can customize at your discretion.

Other than that, some tuners may also fit either your most basic or advanced needs.


Imagine that you want to make the perfect recipe with the perfect ingredients.

Tuning has a similar concept, with the many ingredients or factors being the flavor to add to your dish or your car.

These ingredients can contribute to more developed car performance.

These would include a higher throttle response, increased horsepower and torque, better control of the car’s acceleration speed, and improved overall drivability.

Additionally, some tuners can also check and monitor your air to fuel ratio, tires, and fuel consumption.

With this mentioned, you will have to decide whether you would be able to use the tuner to its full capacity, need an additional upgrade, or want a simpler device to use for your car.

Fuel economy

Are you interested in searching for a tuner that would save you a couple of bucks while driving a speedy C6 Corvette?

Fuel management control is one of the amazing features that these devices can offer as they could improve and manage your MPG consumption.

You will be surprised that the most powerful tuners in the market also have a fuel-saving option for your convenience!

If you want to have an efficient car, then keep your car’s fuel economy in mind.

Versatility with other attachments

Some tuners aren’t able to accommodate other modifications that could be added to your car, while others can support as many devices as you want.

If you are one of the people who enjoy adding more elements or upgrades to your vehicle, then this is an important factor to take note of.

On the other hand, there are tuners available that include numerous features that other devices can do.

See and compare which tuner would fit you the best, considering if you would only want one attachment or more to your Corvette.


Lastly, it is crucial that throughout the process, you have to consider your safety first.

By utilizing a tuner for your car, not only will you heighten the acceleration and performance, but you will also increase the risk of any danger that may occur when you lose control of your vehicle or if you are trying it out.

You also have to assess your skills and experience in driving since you have to make it a responsibility that you have enough knowledge when driving in different situations and managing the car.

Moreover, the tuner you choose needs to have the appropriate adjustments that would prioritize your safety.

Make sure the tuner you use fits your preferred settings and capabilities, and it does not erase or modify anything in your car’s computer.

Furthermore, choose a tuner that is emissions safe for the benefit of complying with the regulations of your area.

The Best Tuner For C6 Corvette Reviews

01. Superchips – 2845

Superchips - 2845

Highlighted Features

  • HD Colored 2.8″ screen
  • Fast processor and large memory capacity
  • Speedometer corrects with any changes made
  • Different power levels for performance tuning and programming
  • The device can be updated through the Internet
  • Compatible with other additional upgrades

The Superchips Flashpaq F5 (2845) is a great tuner for those who partake in daily driving or the economy, towing, or extreme tuning enthusiasts.

With different power levels to choose from, you may change it to your preference. As the manufacturing company continues to update its technology, this tuner also has improved graphics for users to read and understand its interface and diagnostics easily.

The other amazing features included with the tuner are its active updates for fuel management and speedometer corrections and its accessibility in adjusting limiters (speed or rev), shift points and firmness, and TQ management.

Vehicle parameter monitoring is also done by Superchips 2845. Lastly, this tuner can be used for GM gasoline and diesel engine vehicles from 1999 to 2016 and is compatible with various Duramax models.

  • Speedy response, no delay
  • Easy to use and navigate through
  • Allows room for adjusting to your standard
  • Higher throttle response compared to other tuners
  • No light tow option


02. DiabloSport 9245 Trinity T2 EX

DiabloSport 9245 Trinity T2 EX

Highlighted Features

  • Can reprogram
  • Advanced data collecting
  • Adjustable gauges
  • In-cabin display screen
  • Easily customize the vehicle to your preference

DiabloSport’s new Trinity (T2) EX was built to be the most developed programmer available. It features an in-cabin display for the driver to easily view the car’s diagnostics on a wide touch screen.


Furthermore, it is complete with re-flash features, speedy data collection, and gauges that you can customize with ease.

With this tuner, you will be able to further increase your vehicles’ horsepower, torque, and overall performance when driving.

The tuner is also with you throughout your experience as it takes note of your driving performance history from the start of use.

CMR tuning is also available, which allows the device to be used in other vehicles.

  • Comprehensible interface
  • Incredible tuning
  • Easy to plug and use
  • 5-inch touch screen
  • No option for choosing which meters you want to track
  • Numerous updates to start yourself


03. Pedal Commander – PC64Pedal Commander - PC64

Highlighted Features

  • Quick response in acceleration pedal
  • 36 customizable settings
  • Eco-mode for fuel saving
  • Easy plug-and-play system
  • Can control device through the Pedal Commander app
  • Bluetooth compatible, allowing easier mobile connection

The award-winning Pedal Commander now brings you its PC64, which is best known for its throttle response.

It also has multiple options in its settings for you to adjust and control the car’s performance to your preference, especially with its pedal, whether you would want a faster or slower response.

There are four modes to choose from to ensure that you can drive your Corvette however you wish!

The four driving options included are Eco (for saving gas), city (for daily driving), Sport (for spirited driving), and Sport + (for racing-like driving).

Moreover, the Eco mode helps in raising your MPG and saving up to 20% fuel. Installation is made convenient and quick for the users as the plug-and-play build only takes around five minutes.

Lastly, the company designed the tuner to be safe for both the driver, the car, and the environment around you.

  • Easy installation
  • Responsive pedal
  • Allows slow or fast acceleration response for different terrains
  • More fun experience with different modes available
  • Sport and Sport + modes are not for the faint-hearted or inexperienced


04. DiabloSport – S1000

DiabloSport - S1000

Highlighted Features

  • Allows disabling of factory Active Fuel Management (AFM)
  • Improved car performance
  • Plug-and-drive installation
  • Smoother shifting
  • Maintains car in V8 mode

With the DiabloSport Sprint Module (S1000), you can reach your vehicle’s maximum performance as it has the option to disable the car’s AFM, dropping its cylinders and reducing its power consumption to give you an enhanced driving experience.

Thus, the tuner only accommodates GM transportations, which have AFM. Besides that, installation is easy to do as the device follows a plug-and-play system.

The S1000 also allows you to keep the car in V8 mode the whole time, eliminating the hassle of reprogramming the computer and turning it on every time you ignite the engine.

Lastly, with this device, you will also be able to save your fuel consumption as it can improve your MPG.

  • Ability to disable AFM
  • Smoother car performance
  • Fuel management system
  • The battery may run out if the vehicle remains stationary for long periods


05. DiabloSport – 8245

DiabloSport - 8245

Highlighted Features

  • Specific power settings
  • Customized features for hard part set-ups
  • Compatible with modern tuning programs
  • Works with CMR and any tuning shop
  • Adjusts well with added modifications

Featuring another tuner from DiabloSport, the inTune i3 Platinum (8245) allows you to bring out the best from your car!

With its vast array of options, from power settings to different features, you will be able to fine-tune your vehicle to your desired performance.

DiabloSport has also ensured to keep their devices up-to-date with the latest trends and updates!

This device is compatible with additional modifications like dashcams, superchargers, turbos, and the like. Just make sure you have the right settings adjusted on your car to make it perform at its best.

  • Automatically updates through Wi-Fi
  • Highly responsive touch screen
  • Easy to install with instructions
  • Improved vehicle performance in most key areas
  • It needs to be updated before car installation
  • Updates are frequent and consistent


06. Range Technology AFM/DFM Disabler

Range Technology AFM/DFM Disabler

Highlighted Features

  • Keeps engine in V8 mode
  • Plug-and-drive system
  • Does not overwrite computer’s data
  • Quick installation
  • Maximum power all the time

Range Technology has created a device that disables your vehicle’s Active Fuel Management (AFM) or Dynamic Fuel Management (DFM).

With this, your car will run on full cylinders 100% of the time, allowing your vehicle to reach its fullest potential of power while you receive the control you desire.

This is perfect for high load instances like driving off-road, driving through icy or snowy terrain, or driving at an incredibly fast speed.

The installation of the device requires you to plug it in your car’s OBD-II port, and afterward, you will immediately be able to test and see the difference.

This will not delete or rewrite any settings in your car and will not leave a trace. A small light illuminates from the object for you to notice if it is well plugged, and it cannot be seen by passengers aboard.

  • Smoother shifting
  • Easier acceleration
  • Gas economy
  • Small and unnoticeable
  • It needs to be pulled out when the vehicle is idle for too long to prevent battery drainage


07. Innovative Performance Chip

Innovative Performance Chip

Highlighted Features

  • Can increase up to an additional 35 in horsepower and 5 in MPG
  • Prioritizes air and fuel ratio and timing curve
  • Simple and comprehensive installation
  • No permanent alterations to the car’s computer
  • Fuel-saving option

The Innovative Performance Chip is said to be a “miracle chip” for customers. It is made from aluminum of the highest quality with anodized finishing, ensuring its durability and longevity.

Fear no more with lengthy and tiresome installation processes as this chip makes it easy for you to install in your engine compartment since an installation kit with a step-by-step instruction manual is already included!

The company guarantees that no prior experience is required to set up their device. Furthermore, you will be able to make your Corvette much improved with better torque, horsepower, throttle response, and fuel-saving without compromising your safety.

  • Beginner-friendly installation, no mechanical experience needed
  • Higher horsepower
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Better mileage
  • The battery needs to be unplugged if the vehicle is left overnight


08. DiabloSport – 8200

DiabloSport - 8200

Highlighted Features

  • Enhances torque
  • Powerful and higher horsepower
  • Certification in 50 states
  • Includes an option to disable the car’s AFM
  • A tested pre-loaded tuning is available
  • Car’s diagnostics are displayed and updated in real-time

The DiabloSport 8200 is the third generation of their inTune (i3), and it maintains its popularity among tuning hobbyists.

The device supplies instantaneous results and diagnostics for you to ensure your car is performing impressively. You can either opt for the easy tuning option or customize your settings however you wish through its touch screen.

Other than being an impressive tuner in enhancing the car’s torque and horsepower, this model is certified across fifty states, which means that you and your vehicle complies with the regulations set by local authorities.

With this, you may drive your car at its best performance without worrying about any repercussions.

  • Smooth performance
  • Easy to use
  • Overall improved drivability
  • Vague and difficult instruction manual for set up


09. Power Tune Performance

Power Tune Performance

Highlighted Features

  • Custom dyno-tested tuner installed
  • Plug-and-play system
  • Does not overwrite car’s computer or data
  • Improved throttle response
  • Up to 35% horsepower increase and 25% torque increase
  • Vehicle safety is guaranteed

The installation process has never been more convenient with the Power Tune Performance. Within a minute, you can easily plug the device into your car’s OBDII port, and you will be good to go!

Afterward, the device will study the driving pattern of the car before creating the best formula to make your vehicle perform at its finest.

Some adjustments to be done is the ignition spark advance, air-fuel ratios, horsepower shifting, and torque gains, which allows your car to have a more responsive throttle, smoother shifts, and no lags.

  • Faster acceleration and pedal response
  • Higher driveability
  • Works well with K&N Cold Air Intake
  • The device can be kicked with your foot because of its location



One way or another, tuning your car will be able to satisfy your specific needs–from saving fuel to driving like you’re on a racetrack.

When choosing a tuner, it all boils down to your preferences and how you want your car to perform.

Whether you want a simple device or a sophisticated one to adjust however you please, you are in control of your choice.

Happy tuning!

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  • Dyno Tested Performance Programs
  • Adjust options like timing, fueling, idle, speed limiters, rev limiters, tire size, gear ratios and more.
  • Blazing Fast Vehicle Read/Write Times
  • Windows, Mac OSX Updates
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