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C6 Corvette Wide Body Kit

C6 Corvette Wide Body Kit: Conversion Cost, A Complete Installation Guide

This article will discuss the steps involved in C6 Corvette wide body kit installation and how it can transform your vehicle’s appearance into something more appealing and stylish.

There are several reasons why a C6 Corvette owner may decide to install a wide body kit on their vehicle.

To allow the installation of wider tires or simply give your C6 that wider body appearance to enhance its attractiveness. 

There are several designs and brands of C6 Corvette wide body kits you can choose from.

They can either be installed on your own or through the help of an expert, depending on the task’s complexity.

While looking for a brand to buy, make sure you select the one that meets your requirements and fits your vehicle and budget.

Before your C6 can grab people’s attention wherever you go, it has to be well customized. By installing a wide body kit, you are making a bold statement.

Besides bringing your C6 to life, it also differentiates it from other vehicles on the road by showcasing its uniqueness. It as well enhances your vehicle’s appearance so that it can stand out at any event.

A Comparison Table of Top 5 C6 Corvette Wide Body Kit

Corvette C6 Wide Body 2005-2013
Front Bumper Lower Lip Splitter
Top Roof B-Pillar Halo Guard Cover
Side Skirts Rocker Panels

What is a wide body kit for c6 corvette?

A wide body kit for C6 Corvette consists of modified body components designed to allow C6 Corvette owners to widen their vehicle’s body upon installation.

This process involves the removal of specific factory components or accessories and replacing them with aftermarket designs.

These components are the rear bumpers, spoilers, fenders, side skirts, and many more. To accommodate this kit, your C6 will need some modifications.

The two significant reasons why a wide body kit is installed on a C6 are to either allow wider tires for increased or improved performance or mainly for aesthetic purposes.

While other people may consider the DIY wide body, the process involved is labor-intensive and time-consuming.

Although the DIY is not as expensive as investing in a kit, the overall modification quality is questionable. It doesn’t meet up with what the kit offers.

The prices of wide body kits vary from one design or model to another, and they can be purchased online from auto parts stores or retailers. 

Also, they are very easy to install on your C6, and there is no guesswork involved.

All you need to do is get the appropriate kit for your vehicle and follow the instruction that comes with the kit coupled with basic technical experience.

While you may be excited about the upgrade, it is essential to know that it is tough to reverse the modification made during the body kit installation on your C6.

This happens especially in a situation where the installation involves drilling on the fenders and quarter panels.

Suppose the purpose of widening your car is to allow the installation of wider tires.

In that case, there are some other modifications that you have to consider. For instance, you need to add a wheel spacer and adjust the suspension.

The Components of A wide body kit of C6 Corvette

Automobile body kits are basically made from 2 major materials- polyurethane and fiberglass. Besides these major construction materials, body kits can also be constructed using carbon fiber in some cases.

The most affordable and widely available body kits are made from fiberglass, although they can crack under extreme conditions.

In terms of popularity and reliability, polyurethane body kits remain unbeatable. Since polyurethane is flexible, this improves its resistance to cracks and damage.

Body kits constructed or built with carbon fiber are rare, and this is because of how expensive the material is.

Carbon fiber is a solid material. This is why you can rarely see kits made from this material on vehicles.

Front and Rear Bumper

Asides from their aesthetic value, bumpers are designed to absorb impact when there is a minor collision, thereby reducing repair costs.

As the name implies, it is installed on the front and rear ends of a vehicle.

In most repair situations- where there is a little crack due to collision, you may only need to conduct a simple paint touch-up to correct the affected areas.

However, in a situation where the crash is more severe, you may need to replace this vehicle’s component completely.

When the bumper starts dragging or falling off, or when the cost of repairing it is too expensive, a replacement can also be considered. 

Aside from the additional security layer, a new bumper adds to your vehicle- keeping it safe from costly damage. It also improves the appearance, thereby increasing your vehicle’s atheistic value.

Top brands

  • Extreme online

Average cost

The average cost of a bumper replacement is about $800. Also, the price of a front bumper is different from that of a rear bumper. The front bumper happens to be more expensive.

Side Skirts, Vortex Generator, Front Spoiler, and Front Splitter Rear Wings

These are known as aerodynamic components. Aerodynamics explains or studies the process in which air flows or circulates around a particular object in motion.

Side Skirts, Vortex Generator, Front Spoiler, and Front Splitter Rear Wings are designed to reduce lift to a great extent, thereby improving airflow.

This is achieved by controlling air from being trapped under the vehicle or other locations that prevent lift.

This process enhances airflow and reduces drag. In the end, the vehicle’s efficiency and performance are improved to a certain extent.

Top brands

  • Innovative Auto Creation
  • Universal car
  • Performance Corvettes

Average cost

These accessories can be purchased and replaced for as low as $350 and as high as $4,000.

Fender and Quarter Panel

The front panel covering your vehicle’s wheel is known as the fender, while the rear panel covering the wheel is the quarter panel.

The aim of this modification on the vehicle’s body is to allow the installation of larger tires.

Top brands

  • Automotive
  • Duraflex
  • American Custom Industries (ACI)

Average cost

The cost of replacement is highly dependent on size and quality. You can get a fender and quarter panel replacement for as low as $200 and as high as $6000.

Step By Step C6 Corvette Wide Body Kit Installation Guide

Instrument requirement

  • Power drill
  • Degreaser
  • Paint
  • Wrenches
  • Screwdrivers
  • Measuring tape 

How to install a wide body kit on C6 Corvette

Several designs, models, or styles of wide body kits are available to C6 owners. No kit is perfect. Each kit has its own peculiarity.

You need to follow some steps to get the best out of your kit during installation, especially if you decide to conduct the installation process on your own.

  • Check if each component is in perfect condition.
  • Identify the tools you need to mount the bumpers, skirts, and fender panels on your car before the installation begins. This will guide against unnecessary visits to the automobile store from time to time.
  • Paint the kit components. Suppose you do not intend to paint the entire vehicle after the completion of the kit installation. In that case, you have to paint each component of the kit before the commencement of the installation. Reach out to your car manufacturer for the specific paint color on your car to ensure uniformity. Since the paint on the kit parts or components will look new, this may cause a disparity in appearance with the remaining vehicle’s part.  It is recommended that you wax these body parts after you are done with the installation.
  • Arrange each component of the kit on the ground, next to the point or spot where they will be installed. Ensure the necessary tools and materials you need to complete the installation process are rightly arranged or set aside.
  • Remove the factory components that will be replaced by the wide body kit. Basically, these are the bumpers, fenders and quarter panels, and the side skirts.  
  • Once the factory components have been removed, clean off the spots or surfaces where the kit’s parts will be installed. This cleaning task aims to remove the accumulated dirt and prevent them from impacting the kit when mounted on the surface. You can make use of a degreaser for this task.
  • Start mounting each component of the kit to the correct position. If possible, commence the installation by mounting the front bumper ahead of other items or pieces in the kit. This ensures the whole kit aligns and flows well with the car.
  • Make necessary adjustments until the front bumper aligns with the headlights and other accessories fit well into the bumper. This process requires patience as there will be several forms of misalignments until you eventually get it right.
  • Install the side skirt, and make sure you conduct necessary adjustments to ensure proper alignment with the fender and front bumper.
  • Ensure the rear bumper is appropriately aligned with the side skirts and the rear taillights.
  • After installation, sit back and watch what you have done so far. Check if each component or part installed is rightly positioned or if there will be a need for any adjustment.
  • Once all the kit components are rightly mounted, in a situation where you need to complete the installation using screws, make sure the screws are attached securely, strong enough to withstand the abuse and pressure that may occur while driving on the road.
  • Focus on the alignment to determine if the wheels fit properly with the newly installed wide body kit. To cover up for any gap that way arise or compromise your vehicle’s appearance, you may need to invest in larger wheels. Since there is no need for a wide space around the wheel or excessive overhang from the fender, you can get wheels and tires to fill out the fenders appropriately. Go for wheels and tires that won’t intercept with the fenders whenever the suspension flexes.
  • Keep a tab on the height. You must ensure your vehicle’s height is adequate to protect the side skirts and bumpers from excessive abuse while driving on the road. During the installation of a wide body kit, the suspension usually gets lowered. Makes sure this task’s outcome- ‘lowering of the suspension doesn’t prevent you from clearing speed bump whenever you come across one.

While test driving your car after the installation of the wide body kit, if you notice that the wheels touch the fender wells or the suspension is not performing optimally, these signs call in for the adjustment of your suspension.

You can adjust your vehicle’s height through air suspension. That way, your vehicle will sit lower when driving on a smooth road and sit higher when the road is bumpy.

Suppose the installation requires welding and cutting, which may be a bit complex to carry out on your own.

In that case, you need to find a reputable automobile expert that can conduct the wide body kit installation on your C6.

Asides from the experience this person may possess, make sure you consider the price and the turnaround time- the number of hours, days, or weeks to get the work done.

And if you are doing the installation on your own, make sure you follow the instructions as indicated in the manual that comes in the kit. Also, ensure you focus on completing each step as accurately as possible.

The Common FAQ of C6 Corvette Wide Body Kit

Where can I get my bumper replacement done?

Considering how valuable and luxurious a C6 is and how the bumpers are connected to other components such as lights, cameras, and sensors.

You may want to take it to an auto-repair workshop for proper repair and care, especially if you do not have the experience or tools needed.

Auto-repair workshops have the necessary tools and the required expertise to execute the repair in a correct way.

What factors should be considered before purchasing a wide body kit?

Search for wide body kits on the internet. Choose a design or brand that fits your budget and your vehicle. There are several designs and brands of body kits online.

Thus, it is crucial you conduct comprehensive research on forums and read other users’ reviews.  Also, you can talk to the manufacturer and ask critical questions before you make a purchase.

What factors should I consider before installing a body kit on my car?

Each body kit design comes with the instruction manual. Go through the instruction manual and identify the necessary tools to install the kit on your car.

Some installations require screwdrivers and wrenches only, while some require cutting and welding.

Also, check all the components or hardware that comes with the kit to ensure they are a proper fit for your car and as well confirm that they are in the right shape.

How long does the installation of a wide body kit take?

Suppose you are taking your car to an expert. In that case, the installation completion time depends on the required modifications, the kit’s complexity, and the paint color needed.

If you are installing a complex kit or the necessary modifications are somehow extensive, the whole process can last for months.

If the kit components or pieces alone need to be painted, the process may take a few weeks since it may be challenging to get the exact color required.

For a simple kit that has the body kit already painted, the installation may take a few days.

How do I inspect my wide body kit?

Arrange each item, component, or hardware on the ground, and check for any missing part. Also, check for any component that is damaged or out of order, and replace accordingly.

How easy is it to reverse wide body modification?

Reversing this modification- widening of your C6 body can be costly and complex. Remember, installing a wide body kit may require you to cut and drill into the car’s panels.

What should I know about wide body modifications?

Although wide body modifications give your car the distinct appearance and feel you desire, some disadvantages may be associated with it.

When you wide body your vehicle-irrespective of the cost implication, it may affect or lower the market value compared to the unmodified model.

This may affect the possibility of selling the vehicle later in the future. So, before you decide to carry out any expensive modifications to your car, you should keep this in mind.


Patience is vital if you want to install a C6 corvette wide body kit to improve or transform your vehicle’s appearance.

When you are patient, you will be able to take the correct measurements, thereby ensuring an excellent outcome.

This is the only way you can avoid making the installed components or the entire modification look cheap and inappropriate.

Although a wide body kit installation can be conducted at home. For the best outcome, especially when you need to cut the fenders or drill a specific component, you may need to consult a professional to carry out the installation for you.

Before you commit yourself to install a body kit on your vehicle, remember that the conducted modifications may be very hard to undo.

Suppose you decide to commit to other modifications aside from wide-body installation on your C6. In that case, this will definitely come as an additional cost.

Your car says a lot about who you are. This is why it is essential to choose the accessories, parts, or components you are thinking of installing on your C6 carefully.

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