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how to jack up a c6 corvette with a floor jack

7 Steps on How To Jack Up A Corvette C6 By Your Own

If you own and drive a C6, you must at least know how to jack up a corvette C6 and conduct tire replacement.

This is a great life lesson and advice you should consider. While we recommend visiting an expert for your automobile issues, you need to learn and understand how you can perform the most basic operations or modifications on your car without necessarily visiting an automobile workshop.

We understand that many people in this modern era do not know how to jack their cars or replace their tires.

That is why we have written this guide to take you through the steps involved in lifting your C6, irrespective of the modifications or projects you plan to work on.

There are multiple positions or points on the C6 where you can jack your car. These positions are mainly regarded as the Jack Points.

The point where you choose to lift or jack your car depends on what you want to work on or the issue you want to solve on your car.

As you read along, we will discuss the various jacking points on your C6. In the end, you will be able to identify these positions, thereby ensuring you raise your car on the correct jacking positions. 

Can you jack up a Corvette c6 on your own?

Yes, you can jack up your Corvette C6 independently. Instead of depending on roadside assistance, every Corvette C6 owner must know how to jack their car.

No matter how scared and cautious you are about working on your C6 without an expert’s help, which is understandable, there are basic operations you shouldn’t shy away from.

One of these operations is jacking up your car on your own.

When you know what you should focus on while performing this exercise and the necessary steps to follow, the whole process becomes easy.

How much lift is possible?

If you want to lift your vehicle successfully, you need to pay full attention to the process. Continue lifting until you reach or attain a height that guarantees the safe and uninterrupted introduction of jack stands.

Cost of a lifting jack

A lifting jack’s price varies according to the design, quality, type of car, and ton capacity. Since Corvette is a premium vehicle, you must go for a jack made of top-quality materials.

This means you can either go for an electric or hydraulic jack since they are considered premium designs. On average, you will have to invest about $200 to get a premium jack that guarantees safety and performance.

 Time – How long does it take to lift a Corvette?

The duration is not specific. If you are lifting a car for the first time, you may be slow because you will be more conscious and careful about the whole process.

An expert or someone who has been doing this operation for a very long time knows what to do and when to do it. So, they tend to complete this task as soon as possible.

On average, it takes about 15 minutes to jack up a Corvette C6. As you get better at this exercise, the time reduces drastically, and you finish up this operation in no time.

Tools you need

  • 2-ton floor jack(s) with a 2.5″ saddle/pad
  • Crossbeam adapter(s)
  • 2-ton jack stands (2-4)

In addition to the tools listed above, you may also need a choking wedge.

How To Jack Up A Corvette C6: Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Examine your location:

Before you jack up a Corvette C6 on your own, you need to first consider your safety.

Examine where you are, and consider how safe it is to lift your car in that location. Ensure this exercise takes place on a flat hard surface, and your car should be in PARK.

You should also make sure you engage the parking brake.

Step 2: Chock the front wheels:

This is the first step you need to take before you jack your vehicle. This task aims to chock your vehicle’s wheels at the opposite end of your car from where you intend to lift.

The process involves sliding some form of obstruction behind the vehicle’s tires to guard the car against rolling while trying to jack your vehicle.

There are no special tools or objects for this task. This means that you can make use of anything you find around you, such as bricks, large stone or rock, a log of wood, or even cinder blocks.

All of these are fair objects that you can use. Since we care much about your safety and that of your car, we recommend you invest in a choking wedge.

You can pick up this object or tool from any auto parts store around you.

Step 3: Ensure the floor jack is in place:

Ensure your cross beam adapter is safely and securely attached to the floor jack. The function of the adapter at this stage is to make sure your Corvette is jacked up or lifted at the exact spots or positions.

Suppose the reason for raising your car is to change the tires. In that case, you may not need a cross beam adapter since it is exclusive to a situation where you need to work or make some modifications under your car.

If you are lifting your vehicle to change the tires, you may have to skip this step.

As a safety precaution, do not forget to use a beam adapter alongside your floor jack if you plan to work under your car.

Also, avoid using a different material as an alternative to a cross beam adapter. This is considered very dangerous not only to you but also to your car.

When you fail to use a cross beam adapter while lifting your car, this action may damage other vehicle parts since the weight load won’t be rightly spread.

Step 4: Ensure the adapter pads are well positioned:

Before you jack up your vehicle, make sure you check the adapter pads to confirm if they are rightly positioned. 

This process aims to ensure the pads are in the exact position that allows them to touch or contact the support locations as you lift the jack.

Step 5: Jack up your car:

This is the stage where you raise your car. Make sure you do this with caution- take your time. Jack up the car slowly and carefully.

Focus on the support locations and ensure the adapter pads are touching the right positions without interfering or having any contact with other components.

Immediately you attain a level that allows safe and easy installation of the jack stands, you may stop raising the jack.

Step 6: Place jack stands:

Ensure the jack stands are well-positioned under the cross beam adapter. The jack stands must directly correspond with your choice of support locations, which should at this time be in alignment with the adapter pads.

Step 7: Lower the floor jack:

This is the point where the vehicle is rested fully on the stands. To actualize this, make sure you carefully and gradually lower the floor jack to a level where the jack stands can carry the car’s weight of the car.

For extra security, you may decide not to detach the floor jack from the adapter. Nevertheless, this is not necessary.

Tips on how to lift your Corvette C6 from different positions

Here, we will look at the various jack points on your C6. The aim is to guide you through the process of lifting your Corvette on the right jacking points.

Front cradle lifting

  • Locate the front lifting point. This point can be found at the back of your front tires. You can lift from either side of your car.
  • Ensure the jack pad is placed between your Corvette and the jack
  • Lift the jack gradually. Make sure you are careful with this process

While at it, ensure the jack pad does not touch the rocker panel. The same precaution should be enforced for both the front fenders and the floor pan. The main aim is to guard against any form of damage.

Front frame lifting

  • Ensure the lifting pads and the jack are well placed under the frame rail shipping slot reinforcements
  • Lift the jack bit by bit. Make sure you do this with care

A service jack with a lifting pad diameter that is exactly or lower than 64mm can be used for this operation.

Also, ensure the lifting pads are strong and durable enough to prevent the jack from coming in contact with your vehicle’s body.

Rear cradle lifting

  • Locate where the lifting points are. You can find these points on the rear of your vehicle. This may be at the passenger or driver’s side.
  • Ensure there is a pad between the jack and your vehicle
  • Lift your vehicle by raising the jack gently until you attain the desired height that allows you to carry out your project without any difficulties.

Rear Frame lifting

  • Follow the same procedure as stated under the Front Frame Lifting

The Very Common FAQs of How To Jack Up A Corvette C6

Why do I need a jack?

There are several reasons why you may need to lift your Corvette. You will need to jack up your car whenever you want to work on it, such as changing the tires or installing some components or parts such as the side rockers or splitters.

To guarantee easy and successful operation, you will need a jack to raise your Corvette off the ground.

How long can I leave my Corvette on a jack stand?

Several conditions could make you leave your car on a jack stand for a long time. Sometimes, over the night, and it could even extend to days.

Suppose your Corvette is mounted on the appropriate jacking points, and the jack stand is of top-quality- made of premium material and can withstand your car’s weight. In that case, your car should be fine.

How do I know the right place to position a jack on my Corvette?

The procedure and support points to lift your car are totally dependent on the project you want to execute.

Although we have listed several jacking locations or points on your Corvette.

To supplement the information we have provided in this guide concerning these locations, you can also check your owner’s guide or manual to know more about these points.

What are the most important factors to consider while lifting my car?

Before you proceed to lift your Corvette, you must consider your workspace- where the lifting is going to take place, your safety, the safety of other people around you, and your car’s safety. Whenever you want to lift your car, think safety first.

What happens if I place my jack wrongly on my car?

When a jack is not rightly placed on your Corvette, it can damage some of the car’s components.

In addition to that, your vehicle may slip off the lifting jack and come in contact with people that are very close to it, which may result in injury.

This is why it is advised you make use of premium jack pads when trying to lift your car.

A top-quality pad guarantees safe lifting by ensuring the lifting point is well secured- this allows the jack to be well-positioned on your desired lifting points all through the process of undergoing your project or maintenance routine.

What is the safest way to jack up my Corvette?

You should make use of a top-quality jack to ensure safety while lifting your Corvette. Although premium jacks are a bit expensive, in the end, they worth the price.

How expensive is it to maintain a Corvette C6?

Since Corvette C6 is built as a performance vehicle, the hardware and other maintenance tools are pricey.


We have provided you with the necessary information on how to jack up a Corvette C6 independently.

We hope you find the details helpful and start conducting basic modifications and maintenance on your vehicle without relying on an expert.

Remember, safety is important at all times. To avoid damaging your car, or injuring yourself or others, make sure you follow the guidelines and steps discussed in this article.

Remember, you can’t trust anyone, no matter how experienced they are, to care for your Corvette just the way you do.

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