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lowered c6 corvette

10 Steps Guide on How To Lower A C6 Corvette Quickly

Before lowering your C6 Corvette, you must know how to lower a C6 Corvette. Sadly, it’s difficult to find all the useful information you need in one place.

The C6 Corvette isn’t just like any other car. It is a prime Chevrolet sixth-generation production.

This car was consistently modeled and rebranded from 2005 to 2013. There are other models of corvette that are not C6.

However, the Corvette C6 is the first corvette with an exposed headlamp. See, you must understand the car build and make-up before you can successfully lower a sixth-generation C6 corvette.

This article provides all the required information you need to lower a C6 corvette. Don’t you want to find out what you might be missing?

Why should you lower C6 Corvette?

Luckily for you, you are a proud owner of a C6 Corvette. And now you’ve probably heard people talk about lowering their C6 corvette, and it all seemed like fun. So, you want in.  But should you? Aren’t you supposed to give it a second thought?

Wouldn’t lowering your C6 corvette be detrimental? Well, let’s find out!

Why should you lower your C6 corvette?

Just like any other V8 race car, the C6 Corvette was built for speed. However, it takes more than just acceleration for you to enjoy fast cars. They must have proper handling, balance, and less air drag while firing up the engine.

The C6 corvette must have a lowered center of gravity. It’s important for the car to retain its balance and not roll over, especially when spinning.

Now, if you do it right, you’d definitely enhance the handling of the car, the road feels, and also boost performance.

However, if done wrong, it would turn into a nightmare. You can’t imagine imbalance for a 6.0 L LS2 V8 With at least a transmission of 6-speed T-56 manual. It is a bad sight!

Benefits of lowering

Well, you already know why lowering a C6 Corvette might be an option for your C6 Corvette race car. Now let’s discuss the benefits that generally come with lowering your car.

You know lowering a car is a boss thing. In addition to the fact that it increases your car handling, it also makes the car look cool and breathtaking.

It’s no wonder why some manufacturers add extra weight in the trunk of cars before showcasing them.

Some other enjoyable benefits of lowering your C6 Corvette are:

  • If you had raced with cars for a while, you’d notice that some cars would feel as though they’d take off into the air. Usually, it’s due to the fact that such kinds of cars are not lowered. Lowering your C6 corvette will reduce or totally cut off this high-speed lift experience.
  • Generally, a lowered C6 Corvette has a reduced aerodynamic drag(air drag). As a result, fuel can be better economized and not recklessly consumed by the car.

Problems of Lowering

It cannot be all without any cons. Lowering your race car to make it look fancy or to reduce the air drag and enhance control also comes with some disadvantages and problems.

It’s essential to know what future problems your car will face if you’ve decided to lower the car. But you shouldn’t be worried.

Being aware of how a C6 Corvette would react or re-adjust itself is important. At least now you know what to expect, and you can devise a means to tackle such hard-on problems.

Ideally, lowering a C6 corvette is a job for only qualified experts. The spring that holds the weight of the engine and the whole car exerts a powerful force.

If not unbolted correctly, it might cause severe injury or death. So always leave it to professionals.

If you had successfully lowered the car, some of the problems you might likely experience include:

  • Change in camber. Lowering can cause some changes in the camber of the car. In essence, the tire wear is increased and also reduces traction for the wheels.
  • Shock absorbers have to experience a lot more force.
  • Tire might be too Close to the metal sheet and the suspension part of the car and incur damage to both.
  • You would also have to feel too much of the road, especially when you run into bumps on the road.

Lowering Cost

If you decide to opt-for leaving the labor to professionals, then you’d need to have an idea of how much you would spend on lowering your C6 Corvette.

Sometimes, you just have to be double sure you are not getting manipulated or extorted by some of these mechanics.

Here’s the catch: There isn’t any fixed price for lowering your C6 Corvette. However, between $50-$150 is a good deal for lowering your corvette.

Honestly, we can’t dictate the price for any professional that intends to lower your corvette for you.

But you should know that it’s quite hard to accomplish. However, anyone that can handle a wrench can do it. Even you!

Some people even argued that lowering a C6 Corvette isn’t as hard. It’s more like turning a wrench.

See, you’d soon learn how to appropriately lower your Corvette C6. So keep on reading to find out how to get it done and what you’d be needing exactly to accomplish that.


What’s the right timing for completely lowering a C6 corvette sports car?

Okay! Don’t think about it too much. It takes anything between 20 – 30 minutes to finish lowering a C6 Corvette. However, more than just being focused on how long it can take to get on with the whole process of lowering, you should also be concerned with “when” the right time for lowering is, or what to look out for before lowering your C6 corvette fast cars.

Ideally, before lowering your car, you want to be sure that’s what your car really needs. So, be on the lookout do some of these signs to know if lowering your car is the right decision to make.

  • Air drag: You have to love speed before thinking of lowering your car. You’d easily notice how fast your car consumes fuel and how much air drag it experiences beneath it. If you’ve encountered these signs, then maybe lowering your C6 corvette is the right decision for you.
  • Balancing: while at high speed, a C6 Corvette should be able to maintain its balance. If yours can’t, then you definitely need to cut off from the height and lower the car.

Tools required in Lowering a C6 Corvette

So much has been said about lowering your C6 corvette. What are the tools you need to get it properly done?

  • Chevrolet corvette c6/c7 lowering kit stainless steel bolt.
  • Wrench
  • Jack
  • Lubricant

Step by Step Guide on How To Lower A C6 Corvette

Here’s what you’ve been looking for! The step-by-step guide on how you can rightly lower your C6 Corvette either with help or all by yourself. So how do you get started and finish properly?

We’ve provided a 10-step guide on how it has to be done in order to avoid the unnecessary hiccups that come with any regular trial and error method. So, shall we get started?

  1. Firstly, you want to be sure that your car is properly parked on a flat surface. After that, set the car to parking brakes.
  2. Taking measurements before you commence with anything is important. To properly measure the height, measure from the center of the wheels upward.
  3. Using a jack, raise the front of your C6 until the wheels are off the floor. This is very important as it ensures that the pressure of the wheel adjusters is relieved.
  4. Start the engines of the car and turn the car wheel to the right. Now put off the car engines.
  5. Properly lubricate the adjuster bolts from top to bottom. Try to do it thoroughly. However, sometimes your adjusters’ bolt might be too stuck to get it to loose easily. In such scenery, it’s advisable to soak a liquid wrench overnight so the wrench can get it done easily.
  6. By choice, you can use a laying mat and lay under the car. But be sure that the car is properly suspended on the jack. Reach for the adjusting bolt, which can be found behind the driver’s wheel. After locating the bolt, use a 10MM ratcheting wrench to loosen the bolt. Note: it’s advisable to only use a ratcheting wrench and not a socket wrench. In order to use a socket wrench, you’d have to loosen the shocks of the car. Make sure you get the wrench all the way, so you don’t damage the bolt.
  7. Use a pair of gloves for your hand protection whilst trying to loosen the bolt.
  8. Turning the adjuster bolt in a clockwise direction would raise your car and in a counterclockwise direction to lower the car. In this case, you need to lower the car, and all you’ve got to do is gently turn the adjuster bolt in a counterclockwise direction. Turning the adjuster bolt half an inch would lower your car by one inch. So turn as hard as you can. You need all the strength you can gather.
  9. Now that you are done with the driver’s side, put on the car engine and turn the wheel left, and repeat the same process as above.
  10. Now that you are done with both wheels, lower your car off the jack and roll the wheels a while to allow the suspension to settle.
  11. Remeasure the height just to see if you got the right height you set out for. Re-adjust if you need to.
  12. You can take the same process for the back wheel of the car. It’s the same thing and admirably easier than the front wheels.

Even if you got it all right and could properly re-adjust your C6 corvette to the right height, many things can still go wrong.

First off, your wheel alignment could go. If you are good at aligning wheels, then there is no need to worry.

But if you are not, it’s advisable to take your car in for a bit of alignment so it can be in good running shape.

Common FAQs On How To Lower A C6 Corvette

There are some mind-boggling questions you might have already asked yourself. Well, we have gathered some of these questions and would provide the ideal answer for you.

Would lowering makes my C6 corvette faster?

The simple answer is No! Lowering your car would in no way increase the car speed. However, it can help you achieve better balancing, and lesser air drags while you are cruising at a satisfactorily high speed.

What is the amount of miles a C6 corvette would last?

Based on the build of the C6 Corvette, it can last and run from 150,000 miles to 200,000miles. Apparently, the C6 Corvette is the most reliable car to bank your money on. It’s fast, compact and reliable.

What year C6 corvette is the best?

All C6 Corvette has their own uniqueness and peculiarity in performance. However, the most recent year has many update on the previous models of the C6 Corvette.

What Is the right height adjustment for a C6 corvette?

There is no perfect height number. However, if you feel the need to increase or reduce the height of your C6 corvette, then it’s advisable to stick with the manufacturers’ recommendation.

Ideally, I would reduce or add more than one and a half inches from the current height.


Now, you’ve got everything you need to properly lower your C6 corvette. You shouldn’t really have a problem getting on with it.

However, some video representation would also give a better illustration of how it’s done.

Go get it done. There’s no stopping you!

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