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Best Mustang Convertible Top Replacement

Top 7 Best Mustang Convertible Top Replacement 2021- Perfect Choice For Classical Ford

Are you looking for the best Mustang convertible top replacement? Then you are in the right place. In this review, we have covered some of the top convertible tops for Mustang cars.

Convertible tops allow us to enjoy our car ride or the breeze on a summer day with or without the cover. However, if your convertible roof is damaged or old, it may not let you have fun on your ride.

You can even find yourself in and out of the car often as you try to pull it open or close, which can be exhausting.

Moreover, a damaged cover cannot protect your Mustang from harsh weather conditions like snow or rain, which can cause further harm to your car. To prevent this, then it is time for an upgrade.

There are tons of convertible tops on the market. Therefore, you need to choose the right one for your car. Finding the perfect one can be an exhausting task, but we understand this.

That is why we came up with an extensive review, which features some of the top mustang convertible tops. If you are wondering, which is the best Mustang convertible top replacement, then keep on reading.

What Is The Best Mustang Convertible Top Replacement?

Sierra Auto Tops convertible soft-top 2005 through 2014 is the best mustang convertible cover among the others listed in this review.

Moreover, note that the best convertible top truly depends on your desires and the car model. So you can pick any of our top 7 tops, which matches your needs and car.

Comparison Table of Best Mustang Convertible Top Replacement

Sierra Auto Tops
Autoberry Ford
Sierra Auto
AutoBerry Convertible
AutoBerry Ford
Sierra Auto
OPR Convertible

Why Sierra Auto Tops Is The Best Brand For Mustang Convertible Top Replacement?

Sierra Auto Tops is the best brand for Mustang convertible top replacement, thanks to its quality products.

Some of the top products from this brand come with DOT rated heated glass windows and reinforcements to keep them sturdy and durable.

Moreover, they are made using original factory-style materials like sailcloth vinyl or canvas. These fabrics are usually easy to clean and maintain.

They also have a finished OEM look. Other than this, these materials are mold-resistant, and they can protect the car from UV damages.

You can find other reasons why Sierra Tops is the best brand for Mustang convertible replacement on the list below.

Top 7 Best Mustang Convertible Top Replacement Reviews

01.  Sierra Auto Tops Convertible Soft Top Replacement – Best Quality Mustang Convertible Top Replacement


  • Sewn-in and pre-drilled retainer attachments
  • Sailcloth vinyl top
  • Ideal for Mustang 2005-2014
  • Heated glass window
  • Finished trim serving as a rain guard

Our top choice is the SierraAuto convertible soft-top replacement. One of the reasons it is the first on the list is that the product is top-quality and comes from one of the industry’s best manufacturers.

Besides, this product is built using factory designs and reinforcements to result in a high-quality convertible soft top.

Moreover, it has heat-sealed reinforcements to prevent shrinkage sides and provide extra strength. Like most Sierra Auto tops glass windows, this one, too, is manufactured using quality toppings.

What’s more, the top is constructed with a sailcloth vinyl material with glass windows. Seams are stitched from the inside and heat-sealed to provide a better look and durability.

Other things that make this top lovable are that it has the latest OE style plastic and original style rubber extrusions, and rear quarter brackets.

These are meant to lock the top to the bows, top over the glass door, and effortlessly fasten to frame, respectively.

Other than that, this top is suitable for Mustang 2005 through 2014, GT500, and Cobra.


  • Factory quality
  • Soft and neat fitting top
  • It is quiet


  • Could need a professional to install

02. Autoberry Ford Mustang 2005 – 2014 Convertible Top


  • Fit for 2005 to 2014 Mustang
  • Heated glass window
  • Sewn-in and pre-drilled attachment retainers
  • Factory design
  • Sailcloth material

Are you looking for a convertible top made with sailcloth vinyl with a heated glass window? Then this Autoberry Ford Mustang is the best choice, which weighs up to 20.6 pounds. There are plenty of reasons why most Mustang owners will love this product.

The product is constructed with an original sailcloth vinyl material, which is easy to clean and durable for starters.

Secondly, it has a glass window equipped with a defroster meant to clear thaw frost and condensation.

The heated glass window is attached to the cover using an advanced bonding system. Therefore, the window protects against any leaks or separation during your daily routine.

Furthermore, installation is trouble-free, thanks to the pre-punched holes on the die-cut attachment. But you can have a professional do the installation for you, especially if you do not have the right tools.

It is worth mentioning that the Autoberry Ford Mustang 2005-2014 top can protect against UV damage and is mold and mildew resistant. Thus, this ensures that the top lasts for many years to come.


  • Quality convertible top
  • Reasonable pricing
  • It looks and feels great


  • Poor instructions
  • May need a professional to install

03. Sierra Auto Tops Convertible Top 1994 – 2004


  • Sailcloth vinyl top
  • Rubber weather seal
  • Main top and rear heated glass windows
  • Factory style extrusions

When searching for the best Mustang convertible top replacement, go for the Sierra Auto tops convertible tops. As its name suggests, this product is ideal for Ford Mustang 1994 through 2004.

The outer layer is made of a single sailcloth vinyl material and an inner lining made of 100% polyester. A rubber weather seal sewn is added to the top to reduce outer road noise and protect the weather’s inner side.

Additionally, the top comprises tinted and defroster glass windows. You will get both a top and a window segment attached to the cover using an improved window bonding system.

In turn, this system minimizes the need for unattractive press marks you can find in silicone bonded convertible tops.

On top of this, the top is heat-sealed to provide maximum strength and expand its longevity. Besides, there is no stitching or piping around the glass, making the edges around the window look fresh and clean.


  • Looks excellent on Mustang 1994 to 2004
  • Easy to install with basic tools
  • Can make an old Mustang look new
  • Good value for money


  • It can take a long to install

04. AutoBerry Convertible Top for 1994 -2004 Replacement


  • Original factory-style sailcloth vinyl material
  • 40 gauge press polish plastic window
  • Black color
  • Textured exterior finished
  • Weighs 12 pounds

Let’s face it, finding quality parts for your Mustang is no easy task. However, with this AutoBerry convertible top, you can be sure you are sorted for a long time.

With a heavy 40 gauge polish plastic window, this product is the perfect option for replacements on Mustang 1994 to 2004.

Firstly, this convertible top is budget-friendly, but this does not compromise its overall quality of the original material. Besides, this is the first product on our list to have a plastic window instead of glass.

Moreover, it is a one-piece cover containing pre-punched holes on the edges, making installation easy and accurate.

Other than this, the top is computer cut to ensure that it fits precisely and nicely. So, you do not have to worry whether the cover will be the perfect fit for your Mustang or not.

There are four available colors for this AutoBerry convertible top: black, saddle, white, and parchment. Hence, customers are spoiled for choice in terms of shades and can choose one that matches their needs.

You go on ahead and choose a color that matches the original roof or replace it with a new one.

Installation of this item is also not rocket science. You can choose to do it by yourself, especially if you have the proper tools. If not, then you can seek help from a professional near you.

Note that you may have to leave the car under the sun after the installation to allow the sides to stretch and fit perfectly.


  • Affordable, high-quality product
  • Easy to install
  • Looks great, just like in the picture


  • No glass window
  • No heat line

05. AutoBerry Ford Mustang Soft Top for 1983 to 1990


  • Computer cut material
  • Rear and main top sections
  • DOT rated tempered non-heated glass
  • Non-fade polyester threads

By now, you have noticed that AutoBerry convertible covers the top of the list, and this is thanks to the manufacturer’s high-quality products.

Another soft top, which can be a good replacement for your Mustang, is this one. It is best for these models: 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, and 1990.

Besides, this product comes already assembled and ready for set up. Thus, no sewing is necessary. If you are curious to know about this cover’s durability, you will be pleased to know that it can last for many years.

Thanks to its high-quality construction, which is mold and mildew resistant as well as prevents UV damage.

Furthermore, the top has a heavy-duty binding, which covers the uncovered edges. This product has two pieces containing a top and window section.

Like most Autoberry tops, the windows in this one are also bonded to the top with an advanced bonding system.

Therefore, the latter adds strength to the product and gives it a clean and finished original equipment manufacturer (OEM) look. Moreover, the bonding prevents any leaks or separation when in use.


  • Embedded defroster wiring
  • Requires minimal effort to install
  • Computer cut for easier and accurate installation


  • Non-heated glass

06. Sierra Auto Tops Soft Convertible Top 2005 – 2014


  • DOT rated heated glass window
  • Sewn-in and pre-drilled attachment retainers
  • TwillFast RPC canvas
  • Precision computer cut

This is the best one for those who have been eagerly waiting for a soft canvas convertible top. With the new tinted and heated glass window, this Sierra Auto tops cover is ideal for the 2005 to 2014 Ford Mustang Cobra.

On top of this, the product is made up of a 3-ply improved TwillFast RPC canvas. Note that the 3-ply comprises polyester lining fabric, weave outer fabric, and an inner rubber layer.

There is also an embedded glass window, which has defroster wiring. Besides, the window, as usual, contains a super bond from an advanced bonding system.

Thus, you can expect no unappealing seal marks caused by other bonding methods such as silicone or heat-sealing bonding. What’s more, the bonding system adds durability and strength to the product.

At the edges are nice factory-style trims, which also act as a rain guard and prevent leaks. Moreover, the top is cut precisely using an automated computer system. Hence, this guarantees accurate and correct installation.


  • Beautiful canvas material
  • It comes with a defroster wiring
  • Heated glass window


  • No instructions included
  • May need a professional to install

07. OPR Convertible Top 2005 – 2014


  • Heated rear glass window
  • Twill cloth material
  • Protection from all weathers
  • OEM Quality
  • Black and stone colors

Do you want to replace your molded or discolored vinyl top with a new one? Then restore your Mustang cover with the OPR convertible top.

You can see that this product is best for Ford Mustang 2005 to 2014 convertibles from the title. Its features are not that different from the other products above. However, this one is consists of a twill vinyl material.

What is more, is that this cover is the ideal weather replacement since it adds better protection against snow and rain. Better yet, it provides insulation from different weathers and temperatures.


  • It looks and feels great
  • Durable material
  • Easy to maintain and clean


  • It takes long hours to install

Best Mustang Convertible Top Replacement Buying Guide

Purchasing the wrong convertible top for your Mustang may not bring out the beauty of the car right. Additionally, it will not allow you to enjoy the open-air driving experience as it was meant to be.

Thus, to avoid such frustrations, there a several factors you need to consider before purchasing one.

For instance, can you install and remove the top easily? Can you replace it? What are you looking for in a convertible top? In short, there are a lot of questions you need to ask yourself before choosing the right top.

Luckily, below are some of the buying considerations that will guide you into selecting the best Mustang convertible top replacement.

Types of Tops

There are two types of tops: hard and soft. Hardtops are great at protecting leaks and offer superior insulation. However, they are harder to fix or replace than other tops, are expensive, and heavier.

On the other hand, soft convertible tops are usually cheaper and easier to fix. They also bring out the beauty of the car perfectly. However, the soft tops are prone to leaks and offer less insulation.

But manufacturers are always working towards ensuring that the soft tops are ideal for all climates. Ensure that you check whether the type of top you buy matches your needs or is fit for all weathers.

Vinyl or Cloth?

Vinyl is one of the most used car tops since time immemorial. Most people prefer this since it is easy to maintain, clean, and was durable.

The vinyl covers have a glossy look, which looks even better after it has been treated and cleaned.

Moreover, this material is ideal for those who park outdoor since it can survive in all weather conditions. However, once damage occurs on the vinyl top, then it can be hard to repair.

On the other hand, the cloth alternative is the most popular in convertible cars. These are made using three layers: cotton drill lining, a butyl rubber inner layer, and an acrylic square-weave layer.

Unfortunately, the downside with the cloth tops is that they are more prone to dirt. As a result, they may need constant maintenance and cleaning.

Both materials look great on any convertible car. Besides, whichever type you choose depends on the product’s longevity and durability and one’s desires.

Safety Concerns

You may have safety concerns about some things like theft or a rollover. Whichever your issue is, you should check whether the car model comes with any safety features.

There are two standard convertible safety measures available in most cars. These include fixed and pop-up roll bar features. In the latter, the roll bars are set up when the car senses that a rollover is about to happen.

On the contrary, the ones in the fixed are visible and just behind the headrest.

Besides that, in some other cases, some models deploy airbags instantly from the seat. As a result, it is always helpful when you check on the car’s safety features before trying to replace the top.

Manual or Automatic Tops

Most modern covers are automatically operated. However, sometimes the tops may need to be latched or unlatched manually.

A center latch is always the best option since it allows you to stop, discharge the fastener, and open the roof.

Other convertible tops may require a passenger from the other seat to help with the roof. Things can get even more complicated with the manual covers since opening may need you to step out of the car.

To prevent any nuisances, make sure you are comfortable with the type of roof you pick. Additionally, you can test it a few times just to get familiar with the process.

Upkeep and Maintenance

Another factor you should look closely into is the maintenance of the roof. By doing so, you can get the best mustang convertible top replacement that is easy to clean and maintain.

Materials like bird droppings can be easy to clean off the roof with a vinyl surface than one with canvas. However, with the right maintenance, the best mustang convertible top will last for a long time.


The environment that the car will be exposed to also plays a significant role in the top you end up purchasing.

Most of us would love the perfect climate in which we can cruise down the road without the top wearing off all year round.

Whichever the case, you should look closely into the environment you are in to avoid future frustrations. Vinyl tops tend to be more persistent in all weathers than canvas.

So, ensure that your chosen replacement roof will allow you to enjoy the benefits of your car for the longest time possible.


Do you prefer a silent car ride or one with the top bouncing noisily on your Mustang? If you enjoy a quiet ride, then the canvas is the best option for you here.

Nonetheless, most people tend to get the roof down as possible, which means that the sound will not be an issue.


Price also plays a significant role when you want to replace your convertible top. It would help if you had a budget ready to know the price range you want your new cover to be.

Furthermore, it would help if you also tried to minimize other unnecessary costs. For instance, you should go for a quality product to last you for years to come rather than a poor one, which can only last you a few days or weeks.

Besides, find an easy to install top, which you can do by yourself to avoid the costs of hiring a professional. Also, find one that is easy to maintain to cut down future frustrations and prices.


If you are interested in upgrading your Mustang convertible tops, this review should help you out. We have listed some of the best and quality convertible covers you can encounter in the market.

There is also a buying guide covering some of the factors you should consider before purchasing one.

Without a doubt, the best Mustang convertible top replacement should be as good as the original or even better.

That is why you should consider nothing else but a quality product, which should not only top up your car but your expectations as well.

One most important thing you should consider is that an excellent convertible top should be susceptible to all kinds of weather and meet your needs.

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