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Best Cold Air Intake For Mustang GT

Top 10 Best Cold Air Intake For Mustang GT 2021

Higher engine performance and a quest to optimize fuel consumption are some of the reasons to consider getting one of the best cold air intake for Mustang GT.

With a good and compatible cold air intake, there is an improved inflow of air into your engine and a resulting increase in engine horsepower. The increased airflow also aids combustion processes.

However, getting the wrong cold air intake can further reduce the engine performance you are trying to improve.

That is why we have compiled our top 10 recommended cold air intakes that are worth checking out.

Comparison Table of Best Cold Air Intake For Mustang GT

K&N Cold Air Intake
Airaid Cold Air Inatke
K&N 63-2565
Roush 422086
BBK 1718
BBK 1740
Auto Dynasty

What is the Best Cold Air Intake For Mustang GT?

The best cold air intake to purchase for your Mustang GT should be the one that effectively delivers better engine performance. It should also be up to or even exceed the performance of the OEMs.

Those are part of why the K&N Cold Air Intake is our best cold air intake for Mustang GT.

Why K&N Cold Air Intake is The Best Brand For Mustang GT?

The K&N brand stands out among the other manufacturers of aftermarket cold air intake.

Their products’ quality and effectiveness are why we chose them as the best brand for Mustang GT.

10 Best Cold Air Intake For Mustang GT Reviews

01. K&N 63-2590 – Best Quality Cold Air Intake For Mustang GT

Highlighted Features

  • Vehicle Specific Design
  • Polyethylene Material
  • Easy Installation
  • Up to 50% extra Airflow

As one of the leading manufacturers in the cold air intake industry, the K&N brand provides you with this high-performance air intake kit.

The kit’s design is on a per-vehicle basis, and this one is compatible with the 2015-2017 Ford Mustang GT.

Purchasing this cold air intake device would remove the excess stock baffles from your engine and produce quality sound at the engine’s start.

It also improves acceleration and engine performance while ensuring quiet engine operating conditions.

Also, this K&N kit helps to protect your engine life by shielding it from contaminants. Internal working condition is also improved via the aerodynamic design of the air intake tube.

Hence, your engine will experience higher horsepower and torque values.

In addition, the installation of this K&N cold air intake kit is straightforward. With reference to the well-detailed instructions manual, installation can be completed in under an hour.

Besides, the installation does not require special or expensive tools.

Asides from the ease of installation, another reason to consider this K&N air intake device is its straightforward maintenance requirements.

Compared to other disposable filters, the inbuilt filter for the K&N kit requires less cleaning per miles traveled.

You only have to clean every 100,00 miles, which is far better than cleaning every 20,000 miles.


  • Compatibly is assured since it is vehicle specific
  • The filter is easy to maintain


  • None

02. AIRAID AIR 450-264 – Best Filtered Cold Air Intake System

Highlighted Features

  • Super Filtration System
  • Easy Installation
  • Reusable Filters
  • Lifetime Warranty

One of the best ways to improve your vehicle’s engine’s performance is to get this AIRAID cold air intake system. Getting this AIRAID filtered system will guarantee an increase in your vehicle’s horsepower.

It also improves your engine’s life via its enhanced filtration system.

Also, the super filtration mechanism of this AIRAID product ensures a cleaner and more efficient combustion process of your engine.

The AIRAID air intake accelerates the inflow of air to the engine while filtering the air from contaminants.

Unlike other traditional paper typed filters, the AIRAID air intake and filter system is reusable and can also be washed.

It also goes longer miles than the conventional filters before requiring a rewash.

The filter is of two types. There is the SYNTHAFLOW (oiled) type that is suitable for driving through dry, dusty areas.

Also, we have the SYNTHAMX air filter that fits driving between the streets.

Another feature that might interest you is that it is very easy to install this cold air intake system.

The typical calibration stress during installation is absent for this product. Just bolt the air intake device, and you are good to go.


  • Effective filter system to protect engine’s life
  • Improved engine performance


  • Water enters into the engine for the 2013 GT models sometimes

03. K&N 63-2565 – Best Mustang GT Cold Air Intake

Highlighted Features

  • Vehicle Specific Design
  • Washable Filters
  • 50% Extra Airflow
  • Fast Installation
  • Lifetime Warranty

This K&N kit is another of our best cold air intake for Mustang GT. One of this air intake top functions is to boost the airflow into your Mustang engine by over 50%.

Thus, this dyno-tested K&N kit is a good buy over the regular factory filter and intake tubes.

With the increased acceleration of airflow, your 2007-2009 Ford Mustang GT engine’s performance is also guaranteed to improve.

The right way to perceive this is in the improved sound of the vehicle’s engine.

That’s not all, as many buyers also testify to the effect of the filters that come with this K&N air intake kit.

The filters elongate the engine’s life by preventing contaminants from entering the engine during airflow.

The longevity of this cold air intake kit is also assured as its maintenance is straightforward. The filters can work for as long as 100,000 miles before requiring washing or cleaning.

Therefore, if you require a durable, efficient, and high-quality cold air intake kit for improved engine performance, this K&N kit is for you.

It’s top American quality and is very easy to install. Any DIY person would not have any issues with the installation process.


  • Very durable and high quality
  • Increases performance of the engine for maximum working conditions


  • None

04. AIRAID AIR-450-204

Highlighted Features

  • Air Filtration System
  • Easy Installation
  • Reusable Filters
  • Lifetime Warranty

With an aerodynamically engineered design to allow for the smooth and unobstructed flow of air into your 1999-2004 Mustang GT engine, this AIRAID cold air intake system is a must-buy.

The intake tubes operate to improve the acceleration of airflow into the engine.

As a result, engine horsepower is increased, and performance is improved as well. This is made possible since the engine’s air is cooler, which leads to an oxygen-rich proportion.

The effect is better combustion of the fuel to increase the engine’s performance.

Another factor that contributes to the better combustion rate is the presence of an efficient filtration system.

This AIRAID cold air intake system utilizes reusable filters that ensure that only quality and purified air is going into the engine for combustion.

The advantage of this filtration mechanism is that you can use the filter over and over again as long as you wash it periodically.

Besides, this AIRAID kit is easy to use and does not require too much expertise to install.

The system is designed to maintain the correct air-to-fuel ratio every instant, which removes the recalibrating stress during installation.


  • Increases the engine’s horsepower
  • Prolongs the lifespan of the engine


  • Water might get under the air filters during car wash

05. Roush 422086 – Best Mustang GT 5.0L Cold Air Intake

Highlighted Features

  • Custom Fit Design
  • Lower Air Intake Restrictions
  • Air Filtration System
  • Reusable Filters

Manufactured by the Yales Performance brand, the Roush 422086 is another cold air intake equipment to purchase improved engine working conditions.

It is compatible with the 2018-2020 models of Ford Mustang GT and does not require much installation expertise.

The cold air intake kit is designed using OEM’s data and operates more effectively than the stock air intake equipment.

The mode of operation helps it to have a lower air intake restriction. This explains why the Roush 422086 boasts of higher fuel efficiency.

One other feature is the safety that this Roush air kit offers to your Mustang engine via its filters. The filters prevent impurities from contaminating the engine.

Another advantage is that the filters are reusable and can several miles before requiring a rewash. The filter does not require oiling too.

This cold air intake kit promises to be a good buy for money for the best engine performance and higher fuel combustion processes.


  • Use of the air intake kit requires no tuning
  • Works better than the stock air intake products
  • The filters do not require oiling


  • The nut on the firewall can be challenging during installation

06. 4.6 L 2V BBK 1718 Air Intake Kit

Highlighted Features

  • Universal Fit Design
  • Air Filtration System
  • Washable Filters
  • High Flow Inlet tubes

Those looking for a way to step up their Mustang GT engines’ performance should consider getting this air intake equipment.

The use of this BBK kit would ensure faster throttle response and overall performance of your car engine.

Besides, the BBK cold air intake kit offers a lower restriction on the engine’s airflow than other stock air intake equipment.

Therefore, a maximum inflow of air is achieved, which leads to a better engine sound.

Also, this BBK air intake equipment produces higher horsepower and torque while maintaining the gas mileage.

One other reason to purchase this BBK kit is the fact that it uses a washable filter to purify the air that goes into the engine.

As a result, better performance is ensured, and the lifespan of the engine is maintained.


  • Increased throttle response
  • Produces quality engine sound


  • Installation might need a little adjustment for a better fit

07. AIRAID Air 451-356

Highlighted Features

  • V-Shaped
  • Air Filtration System
  • Easy Installation
  • Washable and Reusable Filter
  • Dry SYNTHAMAX filter

Owners of 2018-2020 Mustang GT models should consider purchasing this AIRAID cold air intake to improve their Ford’s engine performance.

With this AIRAID 451-356, the airflow rate into your car engine is accelerated through the aerodynamic intake tubes.

Turbulence is also reduced, and the cold air intake possesses an air filter mechanism to prevent contaminants from entering the engine.

The filter is also vital for the continuous and proper flow of air to the engine. When the air filters are in good working conditions, the engine burns fuel better.

Combustion is also more complete since the airflow is increased and contains zero or no impurities at all.

What many people also love about the filters is how they are washable and fit for reuse. Also, the media filter is dry and does not need oiling to function. It is a dry synthetic SYNTHAMAX filter.

Besides, the installation process after making a purchase is pretty straightforward. Problems of recalibrating after installation is not necessary since the system can maintain the air-to-fuel ratio itself.


  • Improves air-to-fuel ratio for better engine performance
  • Cheap when compared to similar products
  • The filters are very easy to maintain


  • None

08. BBK 1740 – Best Washable Cold Air Intake

Highlighted Features

  • Vehicle Specific Fit
  • High Flow Cotton Material
  • Easy Maintenance

When talking about Aftermarket cold air intakes that beat the OEMs’ performance, this BBK kit is a worthy choice.

The conical-shaped equipment is made of high-quality flow cotton material. This cotton material is excellent and allows the air filters to be reusable and easily washed while still being effective.

What’s even more interesting is that the cold air intake can increase the airflow rate to your engine up to 75%. This is far higher than the paper element filters.

In addition, it is also easier to keep clean and maintain. Very simple to wash and reuse.


  • Maximizes the performance of the engine
  • The air filters can be reused


  • None

09. SPE-9923 Spectre Cold Air Intake– Best Spectre Performance Air Intake

Highlighted Features

  • Black Heat Shield
  • Installation Kits
  • Air Filters

Dyno-tested to over 50% acceleration in airflow compared to the factory stock cold air intake, the Spectre 9923 Performance Air Intake is produced to increase your car engine’s torque and horsepower.

The quality of the engine’s sound also increases with a corresponding improvement in throttle response.

All necessary brackets, stainless steel clamps, parts, and rubber boots needed for smooth installation are present in the kit.

One more good thing about this Spectre performance is the top performance air filter.


  • Resist little changes in heat levels
  • Easy to install


  • None

10. Auto Dynasty Mustang 4.6L Replacement – Best Coated Air Intake with Air Filter

Highlighted Features

  • Lower Airflow Restriction
  • Efficient Air Filtration System
  • Does not to Require Oiling

Manufactured by Auto Dynasty, this cold air intake is compatible with any of your 1996-2001 Ford Mustang 4.6L V8.

The material is high-quality and would fit well based on pre-designed specifications.

Top of the benefits of using this cold air intake helps lower airflow restriction and produce top-notch engine quality sound.

Asides from that, this coated air intake has a super filter system that has up to 95% efficiency. As such, only clean air is allowed into the engine. This helps to extend the engine’s life and raises the fuel mileage as well.

Furthermore, the risk of contamination is minimal because the filter does not require oiling. Hence, issues of clogged oil that acts as an impurity are avoided.


  • A very efficient filter system
  • Helps to maintain low fuel consumption rates


  • None

Buying Considerations Best Cold Air Intake For Mustang GT

As the cold air intake, it is essential to carefully consider some factors before purchasing what is best for you.

However, selecting different criteria to sort out the various available options is not always easy. There are so many air intake systems viewed as the best cold air intake for Mustang GT.

How then do you choose which cold air intake is the best for your engine’s vehicle?

The following are some of the factors we recommend to aid you in making the best purchasing decision.

Design Compatibility

Otherwise regarded as vehicle-specific design for some product descriptions, many manufacturers design their cold air intake kits to suit specific engines.

Some manufacturers can even be more specific about the engine type and the vehicle type, year of manufacture, and design model.

Therefore, it would be best to determine if such conditions exist and match your full engine and vehicle specifications perfectly.

The success of the product and excellent installation fit is dependent on these qualities.

Product’s Material

The type of material used in the manufacture of cold air intake is another vital factor. While the product’s overall quality is essential, you should also remember that the cold air intake duty is to remove accumulated heat.

It works to ensure that colder air always flows into the engine at every instant. It is quite a delicate task because the engine tends to get heated over time as it works.

Besides, cool air would ensure appropriate oxygen levels that are needed for efficient combustion of fuel.

Hence, it is vital to make sure that the cold air intake product you would eventually purchase is produced from heat-resistant materials.

A standard air intake system should not get affected by the accumulated heat it is required to dispel.

Water Protection Mechanism

What nobody wants is purchasing a cold air intake that allows water to get sucked into it. Either from rainfall or water, moisture in the cold air intake can cause severe damage to the engine while washing the vehicle.

While thinking of the best cold air intake for Mustang GT you can purchase, ensure that it has a shield or protective features against water penetration.

Some manufacturers understand this and now include a valve to make the water flow over rather than being absorbed into the cold air intake.

Other groups of manufacturers identify with this issue and separate the lower part of the system so that water does not even have a place to enter.

Presence of an Air Filter

Although most of the cold air intakes have an air filter feature, it is essential to observe if the one you desire to buy also contains one.

The job of an air filter is crucial to the value of the engine. If useful, the air filter prevents impurities and contaminations from dust or dirt in the air from flowing into the engine.

The presence of contaminants in the engine would reduce the engine’s performance by affecting the fuel combustion rate, power of the engine, and other down effects.

CARB approval

CARB stands for the California Air Resource Board. So, virtually the CARB approval affects only those vehicles that ply the California roads.

For California residents, any form of changes or amendment in your vehicle’s intake or exhaust system has to be certified by the CARB team.

The idea is to make sure that the new changes, no matter our slight it might be, do not alter the regulated emissions permitted for your vehicle.

Individuals who meet up with the requirements set up by CARB are eligible for a CARB number that distinct them.

Inability to obtain the number would attract penalty charges or any other punishment like car impoundment.

Oiled/Dry Filter

While the oiled filter type is preferred for traveling through dusty areas, it comes with quite some disadvantages that make the non-oiled ones often better.

Top of the reasons to not consider the oiled filter element type is its potential to reduce the gain in operating power of the cold air intake. Continuous loss of this power can then lead to failures in the intake system.

Besides, the oil particles tend to accumulate from frequent oiling and can become contaminations.

On the other hand, a dry filter element does not cause such problems. Therefore, it is often preferred.


From our top 10 reviews of cold air intake you can purchase, making a purchasing decision should be easier for you.

We have also discussed some crucial factors to consider. These factors are only guidelines and do not mean you should not research what is best for you.

Good personal research, a little expert help, and careful evaluation of our reviews would certainly help you pick the best cold air intake for Mustang GT.

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