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Best Exhaust For Mustang GT

10 Best Exhaust For Mustang GT 2023 – Review & Buying Guide

One thing that a Mustang GT can’t miss is a proper exhaust system. This is the decisive factor that turns a pretty car into a powerful and eye-catching beast. Since there are hundreds out there, this article will help you find the best exhaust for Mustang GT cars. It wasn’t easy, but after a ton of research, here are the ten most capable exhaust systems available.

Editor's Pick
Roush 421127 Exhaust Kit
Good Choice
BORLA 11806 Axle-Back Performance Exhaust System for 2005-2009 Ford Mustang GT 4.6L V8 Automatic/Manual Transmission Coupe/Convertible.
Don't Miss
2015-2017 Mustang GT 5.0 Roush Axle Back Exhaust - Mufflers Hangers & 4-inch Flash-chromed dual wall tips
Also Consider
Flowmaster 942548 Super 44 Series Chambered Muffler
Product Name
Roush 421127 Exhaust Kit
BORLA 11806 Axle-Back Performance Exhaust System for 2005-2009 Ford Mustang GT 4.6L V8 Automatic/Manual Transmission Coupe/Convertible.
2015-2017 Mustang GT 5.0 Roush Axle Back Exhaust - Mufflers Hangers & 4-inch Flash-chromed dual wall tips
Flowmaster 942548 Super 44 Series Chambered Muffler
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Alloy Steel
Editor's Pick
Roush 421127 Exhaust Kit
Product Name
Roush 421127 Exhaust Kit
Stainless Steel
Good Choice
BORLA 11806 Axle-Back Performance Exhaust System for 2005-2009 Ford Mustang GT 4.6L V8 Automatic/Manual Transmission Coupe/Convertible.
Product Name
BORLA 11806 Axle-Back Performance Exhaust System for 2005-2009 Ford Mustang GT 4.6L V8 Automatic/Manual Transmission Coupe/Convertible.
Stainless Steel
Don't Miss
2015-2017 Mustang GT 5.0 Roush Axle Back Exhaust - Mufflers Hangers & 4-inch Flash-chromed dual wall tips
Product Name
2015-2017 Mustang GT 5.0 Roush Axle Back Exhaust - Mufflers Hangers & 4-inch Flash-chromed dual wall tips
Stainless Steel
Also Consider
Flowmaster 942548 Super 44 Series Chambered Muffler
Product Name
Flowmaster 942548 Super 44 Series Chambered Muffler
Alloy Steel

These excelled in many areas, including durability, reliability, and efficiency.

Want to find out more? Then let’s start!

What is the Best Exhaust For Mustang GT?

The Roush 421127 Exhaust Kit is the best exhaust for Mustang GT. As the name suggests, this is a kit consisting of all the parts an exhaust needs.

As a result, you won’t have to pay extra money to get it to fit correctly. In less than an hour, you can have the exhaust installed, aligned, and ready to cruise the roads.

And boy, cruise the roads it does! The exhaust is just fantastic. At high speed, the sound produced is both aggressive and powerful. Just what a Mustang GT needs. This is all possible due to the system’s top-notch build and efficient design.

Plus, you get to enjoy the performance of this exhaust for many years. With a durable stainless steel build, all the components resist the most challenging conditions. So, no rust, corrosion, or heat would undermine its service life.

Why is Roush The Best Brand For Mustang GT Exhaust?

Roush specializes in creating high-quality exhaust systems for Mustang cars. The quality of these systems has no match, outperforming the competition significantly.

Of course, this is all possible due to its use of durable materials and modern technology.

This brand is so efficient that this article features not one but two of its exhausts. Each one terrific in its own right, as they deliver power via proper airflow and sounds.

Plus, the technology behind these exhausts makes them super convenient. They’re compact, reasonably easy to install, and long-lasting units.

Lastly, this brand is the best because it has one exhaust for everyone. It has a lengthy catalog that guarantees every Mustang GT owner finds an exhaust system.

Comparison Table of Best Exhausts For Mustang GT

Roush 421127
Borla 11806
Roush Axle-Back
Flowmaster 942548
Borla 140067
BORLA 140590BC
CORSA 14328
Flowmaster 817511
FlowMaxx CB-1012

10 Best Exhausts For Mustang GT Reviews in 2023

As mentioned in the intro, creating this list took a lot of time. Many exhausts tested just didn’t meet expectations, as they seemed underpowered and lackluster.

But, ten of our picks outperformed the rest with ease. In this section, you’ll learn everything about them.

01. Roush 421127 Exhaust Kit – Best Ford Mustang GT Exhaust

Roush 421127 Exhaust Kit


Highlighted Features

  • Open-Chambered Design
  • Stainless Steel Tubing
  • Resistant Finish
  • Round Tips

Want a resistant exhaust system? Then this may be it! Created with terrific stainless steel materials, the exhaust is super durable.

The two-chambered mufflers are just as tough, having 304 stainless steel with 4-inch tips. All of the exhaust components sport a superb chrome finish that puts up with rust and corrosion. Even better, it can withstand harsh conditions caused by exhaust heat.

The muffler’s build deserves special credit here. It has an innovative hollow chamber design that makes the system exclusive in its style. This leads to multiple benefits.

For instance, the car has increased airflow, unique sounds, and no drone. Indeed, the complete experience to show off what the GT Mustang can do.

Most will have a blast installing this system. All pieces come included, and it mounts on factory mounting points. This makes the process easier, which is convenient for pros and amateurs alike.

“Keep in mind that this exhaust is far from stealthy. As in, it’s surprisingly loud. While this may be great to grab people’s attention, others may not enjoy it as much. In this case, it can be either an advantage or a disadvantage.”

What We Liked
  • Resists corrosion, rust & heat
  • Improved & powerful sound
  • Quick to install
  • No vibrations produced
What we Didn't Like
  • It can be too loud at times


02. Borla 11806 ATAK Exhaust System – Best Quality Exhaust For Mustang GT

Borla 11806 ATAK Exhaust System


Highlighted Features

  • ATAK Mufflers
  • Race-Inspired Design
  • Polished Tips
  • Stainless Steel Build

Creating a powerful exhaust system requires two things: quality parts and state-of-the-art technology. The Borla 11806 already has a solid build made with stainless steel, but it’s the tech that makes it superior.

With the Acoustically-Tuned Applied Kinetics (ATAK), this product compares to none.

It produces the highest decibel levels to boost volume while maintaining sound clarity. This makes the Mustang GT feel powerful without gross distortion or vibrations.

At mere idle, the Mustang remains relatively quiet with this exhaust. But, step on the accelerator, and it comes to life in a second.

This is all thanks to the “ATAK” mufflers, which are 4-inch and have polished stainless steel tips. While cruising the roads, the concentrated sound waves deliver optimum high-volume sounds.

“Though great, the price of this system may be too steep for low budgets. It’s truly a big investment, but it does pay off in the long run. The exhaust is durable, reliable, and one of the most powerful out there.”

What We Liked
  • Phenomenal look & sound quality
  • Small, compact & lightweight
  • Installation is hassle-free
  • Perfect for 2005-2009 Mustangs GT
What we Didn't Like
  • The price is a bit steep

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03. Roush Axle-Back Exhaust Mufflers – Best Lightweight

Roush Axle-Back Exhaust Mufflers


Highlighted Features

  • Hollow-Chambered Mufflers
  • Mandrel-Bent Tubing
  • Round Tips
  • Flash-Chromed

The mandrel-bent build of this exhaust is on another level. Due to the 304 stainless steel used, every component has a healthy and long lifespan.

After thousands of miles traveled, the mufflers remain in perfect shape. With this resistance, the system provides loud and unique sounds consistently.

This system uses the brand’s classic hollow chambered mufflers. These can improve airflow to provide high-quality sounds. Even after hours, the Mustang GT won’t experience the awful in-cabin noises.

The weight of the mufflers is yet another surprising feature. Together, they weigh just as much as a single stock muffler.

So, putting these on will actually get some burden out of the car. This exhaust system is the gift that doesn’t stop giving.

“Here’s a minor inconvenience while installing this system. The driver-side muffler is super easy to install, but the passenger isn’t as smooth. This may need some modifications to get it to fit properly.”

What We Liked
  • Super convenient lightweight design
  • High sound output for aggressiveness
  • All installation hardware included
  • Fits 2015-2017 Mustang GT
What we Didn't Like
  • Passenger-side muffler not easy to set up


04. Flowmaster 942548, Mustang GT Flowmaster Exhaust

Flowmaster 942548


Highlighted Features

  • Aluminized Steel Build
  • “Gen II” Technology
  • Inlet & Outlet Design
  • Universal Fitment

To get a classic muscle sound, the car must have an efficient exhaust system. In that area, few are as good as the Flowmaster 942548.

This system provides a deep throatier sound to make the GT Mustang as powerful as it can be. Luckily, the exhaust is also super flexible. As such, it fits 1979-2004 Mustangs with total ease.

The exhaust has MIG welded mufflers made of 16 gauge aluminized steel. Complementing the main tubing, the unit has the exclusive two-chamber “Gen II” design.

These features add up and blend well, making a positive impact on power and sound. Besides offering a terrific low growl, there’s no drone at all. Witnessing the capacity of this exhaust system is satisfying from outside and inside.

“But, there are a few things to keep in mind about this product. Since it has a multi-purpose design, it isn’t a direct replacement part. This means that you’ll have to make some modifications inevitably. “

What We Liked
  • Perfect for multiple applications
  • Superb welded constructions
  • Provides a pleasant rumble, not loud
  • No drone
What we Didn't Like
  • Requires modifications to fit perfectly

05. Borla 140067 System Exhaust – Best for Old Mustang GT

Borla 140067 System Exhaust


Highlighted Features

  • Stainless Steel Build
  • S-Type Mufflers
  • Polished Tips
  • Bolt-On Installation

Rocking an oldie Mustang GT? There’s a superb exhaust system for you, too! The Borla 140067 is the perfect choice for 1999-2004 GT models. True to the brand’s style, this system features the classic “S-Type” Stinger Mufflers.

These mufflers have a fantastic build made with aircraft-quality T-304 stainless steel. This material makes it an aggressive and durable exhaust.

Add to that the Straight-through baffled design, and the Mustangs will roar with style.

As opposed to stock exhaust systems, this cat-back from Borla isn’t as restrictive. It takes no time to see a dramatic improvement in both power and sound after setting it up.

This is also mainly due to the multi-core technology used. Quality materials and modern tech create a unique exhaust Mustang owners can’t miss.

The components arrive packaged perfectly with protective foam and bubble wrap. This helps protect the chrome tips, which sport a fantastic finish.

Every part and hardware comes included, making the installation a no-brainer.

“While many would argue there’s no drone, this is not entirely true. You do get to experience an annoying, monotone sound and some vibration. But, this is just a minor issue. Compared to the benefits offered by the exhaust, this is bearable.”

What We Liked
  • Perfect for old Mustang GT models
  • Super protective packaging
  • Gorgeous chrome finish tips
  • Easy to install
What we Didn't Like
  • This exhaust has drone issues


06. MBRP S7200AL Dual Mufflers Exhaust System

MBRP S7200AL Dual Mufflers Exhaust System


Highlighted Features

  • Chambered Mufflers
  • Bolt-On Mounting
  • Aluminized Steel Tubing
  • Polished Tips

Made with 2.5-inch aluminized steel, this exhaust is super strong and resistant. For optimal performance, it has two-chambered mufflers.

These end in exhaust tips of 3.5-inch with a beautiful 304 stainless steel polished finish. Adding to the unit’s look, the “MBRP” logo is also visible.

It takes some time, but the exhaust sounds fantastic after the break-in period. At first, the initial idle resembles stock.

However, the start-up rumble sounds incredible, and it picks up over time. There’s no drone in the vehicle either, leading to a pleasant experience behind the wheel as well.

Designed to fit 2005-2010 GT Mustangs, this exhaust mounts with ease. The bolt-on design makes it a breeze to install, needing less than an hour.

Plus, the system mounts in the already existing stock location. This means that modifications aren’t necessary.

“At least, that’s how it’s for most GT models. People have reported issues with the alignment, requiring some degree of modification. Nonetheless, this exhaust has a firm fit in the Mustangs mentioned above (2005-2010).”

What We Liked
  • Fantastic start-up rumble
  • Beautiful design
  • Durable & resistant
  • Fits 2005-2010 GT Mustangs
What we Didn't Like
  • May need some modifications


07. BORLA 140590BC Exhaust System – Best for Aggressive Sound

BORLA 140590BC Exhaust System


Highlighted Features

  • S-Type Stinger Mufflers
  • Stainless Steel Tube
  • Black-Chromed Tips
  • X-Pipe

Improve the roaring sound of your Mustang with this aggressive exhaust system. Featuring two Stinger S-Type mufflers with 4-inch exhaust tips, this system is top-notch.

Used with the X-Pipe, the unit delivers terrific sound with improved flow. As a result, both horsepower and torque have a significant upgrade.

The X-Pipe is among the best this system has to offer. Besides increasing power, it adds a loud growl ideal for race cars. This is possible due to its “X” crossover pipe that is both modern and eye-catching.

Furthermore, each component is durable. The tube’s design has 2.5-inch diameter stainless steel for more resistance.

As for the tips, they measure 4-inch each with a black chromed finish. All of that creates a long-lasting exhaust system for 2015-2017 GT Mustangs.

“While installation is easy, getting the perfect angle is tricky. The exhaust tips don’t center in the openings of the bumper easily.

This is a bit frustrating but not impossible to solve. Between an hour or two should be enough to get everything set perfectly.”

What We Liked
  • Provides an aggressive sound
  • Flawless components for better performance
  • Increases horsepower & torque
  • Fits 2015-2017 GT Mustangs
What we Didn't Like
  • Centering the exhaust tips with bumper


08. CORSA 14328 Exhaust System

CORSA 14328 Exhaust System


Highlighted Features

  • Straight-Through Muffler
  • Gun-Metal Tips
  • Dual-Exit Exhaust
  • Stainless Steel

This exhaust system is excellent for improved power gains. The unit has a straight-through muffler build that offers several benefits.

For instance, it allows exhaust gases to flow freely and without restrictions. Here, the RSC technolo9gy and Double-X mid-pipes also play a huge role.

All of these features eliminate frequencies that’d produce cabin drones. As a result, driving the GT Mustang feels much comfier.

As a massive improvement, this exhaust has a set of durable tips. These measure 4.5-inch in diameter and have a gunmetal-finished steel look.

Said finish is perfect for two reasons. First, it makes the tips resistant to rust and corrosion. Secondly, they look super cool!

This exhaust also adds an aggressive style to the Mustangs. The sound produced is quite aggressive.

At idle, it makes a deep growl that sounds intimidating. While accelerating, it offers a bold roar.

“If you want the exhaust to look perfect, be ready to spend some time adjusting it. Getting the ideal fitment takes a bit of time.

Often, you may have to measure everything thoroughly to guarantee a proper installation.”

What We Liked
  • Fantastic sounds at idle & accelerating
  • Provides an aggressive style
  • Fits 2015-2017 Mustang GT
  • No drone at all
What we Didn't Like
  • Getting the fitment right takes time


09. Flowmaster 817511 05-10 Exhaust System

Flowmaster 817511


Highlighted Features

  • Mandrel Bent Tubing
  • Flowmaster Mufflers
  • Dyno-Tuned Design
  • Stainless Steel Build

By using race-oriented mufflers, this exhaust can make your car roar like never before. It has a 2.5-inch tubing made with 16 gauge 409 stainless steel, which is resistant.

The mufflers are also fantastic. They have 4.0-inch diameter tips with a finish that looks gorgeous. With this system, not only does the car sound terrific, but it’ll also look great.

This system is ideal for GT Mustang models 2005 to 2010, and it excels in those. So much so that the exhaust flow sees a significant touch-up after the installation.

Plus, the sound given to the car is not loud enough to become obnoxious. Instead, it’s deep and somewhat intimidating.

However, the exhaust does provide the Mustang GT an aggressive sound above the 2,000 RPM. It should be perfect for owners that want their cars to roar.

“While installing the exhaust is easy, the quality of some parts is questionable. More specifically, the clamps seem cheap when compared to the rest of the equipment. Buying a new set would for sure save you some trouble in the future.”

What We Liked
  • Aggressive sound capacity
  • Factory mounting points
  • Installation hangers & hardware included
  • Convenient universal fit
What we Didn't Like
  • It comes with cheap clamps


10. Rev9 CB-1012 FlowMaxx Axle-Back Exhaust Kit

Rev9 CB-1012 FlowMaxx Axle-Back Exhaust Kit


Highlighted Features

  • Polished Exhaust Tips
  • Stainless Steel Tube
  • All Parts Included

One thing that stands out about this exhaust is its protection. Once it arrives, the package conditions are fantastic. Each component is safe, guaranteeing their integrity and also their stunning finish.

Since all parts come included in the kit, you won’t need to buy anything else. This leads to a complete installation that should take a few hours of work. Once installed, the Mustang GT can rock a great exhaust that offers style and power.

The whole experience is excellent, whether in or out of the vehicle. This exhaust gives loud sounds for aggressive, luxurious rides.

Inside, no drone is perceptible. Overall, this system is perfect for long rides across the highways.

“Still, installing this system is tricky due to the lack of instructions. There are no guidelines, diagrams, or videos at all.

This could complicate the process for people unfamiliar with the process. Plus, they may also face complications while aligning the tips.”

What We Liked
  • Terrific packaging conditions
  • A stylish choice for Mustang GT
  • Powerful sound with clear quality
  • No inside noises
What we Didn't Like
  • No guidelines included


What to Consider When Buying Best Exhaust For Mustang GT

Exhaust For Mustang GT

The Mustang GT can be total beasts if paired with the right parts. That means that finding the ideal exhaust system is very important.

It’ll help the cars perform both aggressively and with outstanding power. But, how to find the best exhaust for Mustang GT?

Simple: by learning about the features listed here.


First, the biggest concern before purchasing an exhaust system should be its construction.

The materials and the technology used to play a massive role in the service life of the exhaust. Plus, the build is also a fantastic indicator of the quality of the product overall.

So, what to look for here? It’s pretty easy, actually: look for an exhaust system made of stainless steel.

Stainless steel guarantees the exhaust will last a long time. This material is durable and reliable, two qualities that car owners always need. Plus, you won’t have to worry about rust, corrosion, or decoloration issues either.


While the diameter of the tubing and tips vary, there are some average sizes for reference.

For instance, an estimated ideal size for the tubing would be 2.75-inch. This diameter is perfect for improving airflow and delivering a loud performance. A clear example of this is the Borla 140590BC Exhaust System.

The tip size is also essential. Again, this can also be different from brand to brand. But, the average diameter size is 4-inch for the exhaust tips.

Just like before, this is enough to receive proper airflow and make the Mustang GT sound as good as possible.



Most exhaust systems have a polished stainless steel finish. But, the design can be different depending on the brand. Choosing which one to get depends on personal preferences, so it’s up to you.

Regardless of which one you choose, make sure the finish is durable. It should be able to put up with the abuse of regular cruising.

Plus, it must also be strong enough to withstand the exhaust heat. There’s also the Mustang GT titanium exhaust, which also looks fantastic.

Since the Mustang GT is already a fantastic series of cars, it’s only natural to buy parts that look just as good. A powerful exhaust with a beautiful and shiny finish will do that.

Sound Quality

The sound produced by an exhaust system varies a lot. While idle, it can have a deep low growl. This is not the same while accelerating. At high speeds, the exhaust can produce an aggressive roar on the roads.

Whether the exhaust produces quality sounds depends on several factors. Some of which are the build material, the size, and the shape of the tips.

Keeping the tubing system in perfect condition is a must. This will allow the exhaust to perform consistently.

With a durable build, there won’t be any loss in power and sound quality.


During the reviews, you may have noticed the mention of “drone” several times. But what does this mean, exactly?

Drone refers to a monotone sound and vibration experienced with aftermarket exhaust systems.

Though it may be minimal, it gets increasingly frustrating over time. You’re driving a Mustang GT, for Christ’s sake!

These cars should ride smoothly and without complications.

But exhaust drone is a real thing, and it’s better to avoid it beforehand. While looking for an exhaust system, make sure this isn’t an issue you’d have to face later on.

An excellent way to avoid this problem is by reading reviews as much as possible.

Ease of Installation

Typically, installing an exhaust may take between one or two hours. Whether it takes more or less than that depends a lot on the exhaust model, too.

Some exhaust systems come well-packaged with all the parts needed for the mounting. Of course, this means you’ll have to spend less time searching for extra parts. It’s also less costly and super convenient.

But that’s not always the case. Other systems may not have instructions, or they may be missing some parts. As a result, you’d have to spend more time and more money to get the job done.


The weight of an exhaust system isn’t essential, but it’s still something to consider. Mustang GT cars are popular due to their power, which depends on speed and sound quality. Lightweight exhausts could take a significant burden out of your vehicle.

Besides, lightweight units are much easier to handle. This comes in handy during the installation, which may take hours.

Also, installing the exhaust may need modifications and alignment. If that’s the case, the last thing you want is to carry a heavy exhaust around.


Don’t let your amazing Mustang GT go unnoticed anymore. The products reviewed here can help you find the best exhaust for Mustang GT to improve its power and looks.

Before choosing one, make sure to consider all the considerations shared here.

If you do, you’ll be boasting all the power a Mustang GT can offer. It’ll be the envy of your friends, and it’ll grab everyone’s attention on the roads.

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DNA MOTORING CBE-FM96GTV8 Stainless Steel Cat Back Exhaust System [Compatible with 96-04 Ford Mustang GT V8]
  • 【FITMENT】Compatible with 96-04 Ford Mustang GT V8
  • 【Quality Construction】Made of High Quality T-304 Stainless Steel with Computerized Mandrel-Bends for Strength and Durability
  • 【Enhance Performence】Dyno proven to instantly increases 15 - 25 horsepower / low end torque. Aggressive deep and smooth tone while ensures smooth exhaust gas flow, increase engine output and efficiency.
  • 【Long Term Durability】TIG welded CNC machine flange for resistance against pressure and corrosion.
  • 【Design】The larger pipes, low-restriction mufflers, and tuned resonators of a well-designed performance exhaust system can make stunned effect on your vehicle: lower auto exhaust back pressure and a much better sound.
Flowmaster 817511 Outlaw Axle-back Exhaust System
  • Includes Hangers and Hardware for Easy Installation
  • Mandrel-bent 16-gauge Stainless Steel Tubing
  • Large 4.00-inch Polished Stainless Steel Tips
  • Aggressive Exterior Exhaust Tone
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
Flowmaster 817592 Outlaw Axle-back Exhaust System
  • Large 4.00-inch Polished Stainless Steel Tips
  • 3.00-inch Mandrel-bent Stainless Tubing
  • Aggressive Race Proven Outlaw Mufflers
  • Dyno-tuned for Maximum Performance
  • Full Stainless Steel Construction
SRS Axle back Exhaust Compatible/Replacement FOR 2011-2014 Mustang GT 2011-12 GT-500 4" Burnt TIPS
  • Direct clamp on design
  • Full T-304 Stainless Steel
  • Mandrel bent tubing
  • Axle-back Exhaust
  • Compatible For 2011-2014 Mustang GT / 11-12 GT 500
Roush 403936 Exhaust Kit for Mustang GT/GT500
  • Comes with OEM clamps that won't damage pipes when tightened and provide a leak-proof seal
  • Generates deep off-road exhaust tone
  • Increases horsepower and torque, Increases fuel efficiency
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