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C6 Corvette Headlight Lens Replacement

5 Quick Steps of C6 Corvette Headlight Lens Replacement 2023

The C6 corvette headlight lens replacement is one of the most straightforward jobs to do on the corvette.

All you need for this job is a few tools and maybe a Youtube video to help you.

This article will guide you through the cost of replacing a lens, how to replace the headlight lenses, review some of the items you can buy online, and answer some of the frequently asked questions around headlights and C6 corvettes.

Corvette C6 Headlight Lens Replacement Cost

It costs between $180-$310 for headlight lens replacements.

The cost for only the lens is around $100-$200, and if you want to get them fitted professionally, the price will go up.

If that doesn’t suit, then there is the option of buying tools and changing them yourself.

That will bring the cost up also, but it will not be as expensive as it would bring it to a dealership or a garage to have them replaced.

There are many options for changing the headlight lens, and we are going to talk you through how to change them yourself at home, with the help of some tools and videos.

Tools For Replacement

  1. 7mm socket
  2. Star screwdriver (7mm)
  3. Kitchen oven
  4. Prying bar
  5. Blow dryer

Guide Steps of C6 Corvette Headlight Lens Replacement

Step 1- Removing the fender liners and front bumper

Before you begin any work, remove the positive and negative wires from your car.

Once that is done, the plugs that hold the fender liners in place need to be removed.

The screw fastenings in the c6 corvette’s front bumper then have to be removed.

You will then see that there are fastening pins located just in front of the tires, located right behind the headlight.

Those need to be removed. Once you have removed those, you need to loosen the screws that hold up the fender. When this is done, you will be able to lift up the headlight gasket.

Step 2- Removing the headlights

Before beginning this step, it is essential to note that any breakage of the component will result in you having to buy an entirely new headlight. Care should be taken with this step.

You will need to unscrew three nuts and remove the rubber washers below the headlights and the wire plug.

Remember to take care as the nuts and washers are parts of the component.

Step 3- Removing the adhesive 

There is adhesive holding the headlight lens and the bezel together. This adhesive can be melted in an oven and reused.

Once the adhesive is melted, you will gain access to the inner portion of the headlight assembly.

You have to gently pry the lens and bezel apart with a something flat to get to it.

It should be done carefully but quickly as if the adhesive hardens while trying to pry them apart the headlight will have to go back into the oven.

Be sure to start at a strong part of the headlight, like the top, so that you do not break it.

The adhesive you take off is reusable is you melt it down, so be sure to keep that.

Step 4- Glue in the new lenses

You will need adhesive for this step, but if you could keep it and melt it from the last step, it should be okay to use.

There are alternatives, such as rubber sealants or black silicone adhesive that can be used on the corvette’s headlights.

When you are gluing the new headlight lens and bezels together, it is recommended that you use a blow dryer to heat the lens.

This will make sure that there is not excess adhesive and that it is working correctly.

Step 5: Choose Perfect Lens

01. Corvette headlight lens replacement review 

Corvette headlight


This product is the lenses only so you do not have a higher expense when trying to replace the c6 corvette headlight lens replacements.

With this product, you will receive the two lenses and offers an affordable solution to fixing dusty, foggy, or dull headlights on the corvette, and they weigh 6 ounces.

The part number is 7022-1065, make sure to check that it is suitable for your car before purchasing.

 They are manufactured by ModernGenAuto and sold by Tech-Citric on Amazon. They currently do not have an instruction video to go along with the purchase.

These seem like an affordable option for buyers if they do not want to purchase a full assembly kit for their replacement headlights but would only recommend it as a last option.

While the lenses themselves seem ok. Make sure to check other sellers out before going with this option.

02. Areyourshop headlight lens replacement


Areyourshop headlight



 These headlight replacement gaskets are for the 2005-2013 C6 Corvette. They do not come with instructions, but the videos can be found on YouTube.

They are brand new and made from rubber and are the gaskets only.

This product does not include a few items such as the  headlamp, bulbs, or lenses. They weight 10.9 ounces, and the part number is C116-049.

It is in black and manufactured by AreyourShop on Amazon.

There does seem to be some downsides to this as it appears that they do not fit well on all models of corvette and are prone to tearing.

They didn’t align correctly in the car and didn’t fit the style of the corvette.

It comes from a verified shop on Amazon, but the gaskets do not seem strong enough to do the job they’re needed for on the C6 corvette, unfortunately.

When looking for gaskets, it is better to look elsewhere as they do not seem reliable for the corvette.

03. YouVbeen headlight lens covers


YouVbeen headlight



For a reasonable budget you receive a pair of headlight covers, two black gasket trims and 20 fix nuts for gaskets.

The manufacturer is Headlight lens Covers and sold by YouVbeen on Amazon and fitted to a 2005-2013 corvette.

The fit of the gasket and lens is in line with the corvette with an exact fit. The covers are the 23-inch length and 12.6-inch width.

They are made with polycarbonate plastic which is resistant to high temperatures and are also adaptable to other weather.

They offer fast shipping if you need the replacements quickly. This is the most reliable seller for the C6 corvette headlight lens replacements, and it is relatively cheap for how much you get off of them.

This product does not include items such as the headlamp, ballasts, or lenses. Confirm that you have them before you purchase this.

Out of all three reviews, this seller is the most reliable and even offers customer service up to two years after purchase. This is an affordable solution and exemplary service.

FAQ’S of Corvette C6 Headlight Lens Replacement

Can you replace the headlight lens only? 

Replacing the lens is one of the easiest things to fix on the corvette. You only need some household tools and a bit of patience to do so. You need to be sure you get the right size lens for the vehicle.

How long does it take to replace a headlight?

It can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to replace a headlight assembly.

If you have to melt down the sealant from the headlights, it will take 15 minutes longer. It all depends on your confidence level with replacing the headlight assembly.

How much does a headlight lens cost?

This varies depending on if need all the components or just the lens. The average cost of replacing the headlight assembly can be anywhere between $200 and $700.

Of course, you can buy all the components and replace them at home, which will keep the cost down to around $200 to fix.

Can you drive with a broken headlight?

There is a risk of driving with a broken headlight lens. You are required to use your headlights from six am to 6pm.

You could get cited for not having a dangerous vehicle as a broken headlight lens has the possibility of obscuring your vision at night.

How hard is it to replace a headlight lens?

It is relatively easy to replace a headlight lens; you need patience and a few easily gotten online items.

The only thing you have to be careful of it that you do not damage the components that will make the job more expensive.

How do you adjust a C6 lens?

If you open the hood of the car, you will see on top of the headlight on the engine compartment side; there will be a hole.

Get a small allen screw, and you will be able to adjust the height of each headlight. Counter clockwise to raise the lens, clockwise to lower the lens.

Is there any good installation videos?

C&S corvettes have an excellent video on how to replace a c6 corvette headlight lens on YouTube.

It is a relatively short video that should help you learn how to change the lens without damaging your car.

What sealant do you use?

There are a few different options available when you’re looking at sealant. A preferable alternative is to melt down and reuse the sealant you have and reuse that.

If that is not a viable option, then the best choice for sealant is a silicone sealant or the Butyl Rubber Sealant. In particular, the Butyl brand is relatively easy to use and readily available for a lesser cost.

How do you apply the sealant correctly?

Ensure that the sealing product is dry before applying, then apply a thin layer to where you need to seal.

Make sure to not to use too much sealant as it can fog up the headlight lens. It is something you want to avoid. This video will give you a good visual on how to use car sealant.

Is it challenging to fit a headlight gasket?

No. It is not difficult. You need to be sure that it lines up correctly. It might take a bit of time to get it right, but it is a relatively simple job to do.

There are many instruction videos on YouTube taking you through the process of fitting a headlight gasket.

Can you get a generic headlight lens?

It is not preferable to get a generic one. It’s best to look for a headlight lens that fits the corvette specification; otherwise, you run the risk of not working correctly and losing money.

There are many options out there for C6 corvette headlight lens replacements that it is not necessary to buy a generic one.

How do you fix cloudy headlights?

If the headlights are only slightly foggy then scrubbing it should help take away the fogginess. Using toothpaste and a lot of scrubbing will get them clean once again.

If the headlights cleaning does not help, you may need to replace the headlights with new ones.


We hope this gives you a better understanding of how to change a C6 corvette headlight lens replacement.

The best option is the YouVbeen headlights as they have better customer service and reputable parts from the three reviews.

It is relatively easy to replace your headlights, with minimal tools needed to get the jobs done for a relatively low price.

Be sure to check out some YouTube videos to help you change them for the first time, to make it easier.

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