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Best Suspension For Fox Body Mustang

Top 7 Best Suspension For Fox Body Mustang 2023 – Review & Buying Guide

The common reason for looking out for the best suspension for fox body Mustang is searching for better comfort while driving. Safety from correct wheel alignment and tire wear resistance are added benefits that reinforce why a good suspension kit is important.

Editor's Pick
Koni (8750 1024) STR.T Front Shock for Ford Mustang Fox
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BlackPath - Fits 1979-2004 Ford Mustang Rear Control Arm Kit Fox Body (Black) Steel
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Strange Engineering S6000EM Adjustable Rear Shock
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BILSTEIN (35-041382 36mm Monotube Strut Assembly
Koni (8750 1024) STR.T Front Shock for Ford Mustang Fox
BlackPath - Fits 1979-2004 Ford Mustang Rear Control Arm Kit Fox Body (Black) Steel
Strange Engineering S6000EM Adjustable Rear Shock
BILSTEIN (35-041382 36mm Monotube Strut Assembly
Editor's Pick
Koni (8750 1024) STR.T Front Shock for Ford Mustang Fox
Koni (8750 1024) STR.T Front Shock for Ford Mustang Fox
Don't Miss
BlackPath - Fits 1979-2004 Ford Mustang Rear Control Arm Kit Fox Body (Black) Steel
BlackPath - Fits 1979-2004 Ford Mustang Rear Control Arm Kit Fox Body (Black) Steel
Also Consider
Strange Engineering S6000EM Adjustable Rear Shock
Strange Engineering S6000EM Adjustable Rear Shock
Good Choice
BILSTEIN (35-041382 36mm Monotube Strut Assembly
BILSTEIN (35-041382 36mm Monotube Strut Assembly

However, there are several suspension options available in the market with respect to quality and other top features.

We will be discussing those features later on. For now, let’s go through our recommended picks for the best suspension control for Mustang.

Let’s get started straight away!

What is The Best Suspension For Fox Body Mustang?

The best suspension system for your Mustang model would be the kit that offers more benefits when compared to other available and similarly priced shock absorber alternatives.

Hence, the BMR TCA049R is the suspension control we recommend trying out on your 1979-98 Ford Mustangs.

Why BMR TCA049R is The Best Brand for Suspension Control?

As a popular manufacturing brand, the BMR Suspension has a reputation for high-quality products. The same is evident in the adjustable control arms that offer it a wider range of applications. It also uses a greaseable durometer design and can withstand high compression loads.

Comparison Table of Best Suspension For Fox Body Mustang

Our Top Best Suspension For Fox Body Mustang

01. Koni 8750 1024 – Best Front Shock Suspension for Ford Mustang Fox

Koni 8750 1024


Highlighted Features

  • Lower Springs
  • Non-adjustable Design
  • Entry Level Performer

If you own a fox body Mustang, you would probably agree to the importance of purchasing the correct replacement to improve your car model’s suspension.

Precision and compatibility of the shock absorber are important, especially for safety while driving.

That’s why this Koni front shock absorber is one of our recommended best suspension for fox body Mustang.

As an entry-level performer with assured durability, this Koni front shock promises to provide comfort while driving.


What’s even more enticing about this suspension tool is that it is budget-friendly compared to some other quality or originally manufactured shocks and struts.

Problems of low performance or signs demanding an upgrade or refreshment of the vehicle’s performance, such as low springs, can be solved using this shock absorber.

  • It is cheap when compared to other standard shock absorbers
  • Provides low spring support while driving
  • Non-adjustable suspension control


02. KYB 235005 – Black/Silver Excel-G Suspension Kit

KYB 235005


Highlighted Features

  • Vehicle Specific
  • Twin-tubed Design
  • Triple Chrome Piston Rod
  • Teflon Coated Piston Band

As one of the best shocks and struts suppliers for the Fox-body Mustang suspension parts, this KYB manufactured item serves as a perfect replacement for the carmaker’s original strut.

This KYB Excel-G restores ride comfort, and it also produces a better performance than originally manufactured shock absorbers. Its components use the same type of quality parts found in the OEMs.

The design is also similar to the OEMs, and it is a twin-tubed charged with nitrogen gas. Its calibration is specially done and offers a guarantee of quality via attention to detail.

So, if you are an experienced driver or a fan of the Fox body Mustang, this suspension kit offers top-notch handling and precise controls.

It provides the original and unique driving feels of Ford and Mercury’s model.

Wheel alignment using this suspension tool is also perfect because of the quality iron strut rod that guides the wheels.

This KYB Excel-G’s durability is assured since the components are all according to the manufacturer’s standard.

Moreover, operating conditions are coordinated using an internal cylinder with a positive seal and Teflon coated piston.

There are also several multi-lip oil seals to preserve the suspension tool and reduce the wear of tires.

Finally, the KYB suspension tool can restore original calibration, wheel alignment, and handling controls.

Compatibility is also verified and enhances performance because the kit is Vehicle Specific.

  • Restores original performance characteristics
  • Durable and does not leak
  • It might not be your vehicle’s fit


03. Bilstein (35-041382) – Best Monotube Strut Assembly

Bilstein (35-041382)


Highlighted Features

  • Vehicle Specific Design
  • Monotube Internal Design
  • B6 Performance Dampers

Manufactured in Germany by Bilstein, this monotube suspension assembly is one of the best suspensions for fox body Mustang.

The design is vehicle-specific, so compatibility is assured if you have a 1987-2004 Ford Mustang.

Another advantage of picking this strut shock assembly is its guaranteed high performance. Installation of these Bilstein struts provides an upgrade to the driving performance of your Mustang model. Handling is also superb and offers more ease in control while driving.

By the way, the B6 performance dampers are designed to pair with the original factory spring for better suspension stability.

Their monotube design also provides an enhanced driving experience by giving your tires firm contact with the road all through the journey.

The firm grip between the tires and the road also ensures safety via a quick stop from the braking system and prevents the tires from skidding off the track when taking a sharp corner turn.

Besides, unnecessary rebounds and compressions of the spring are reduced, ensuring comfort via stability that the shock absorbers in this Bilstein suspension provide.

  • Offers better handling with firm tire grip while driving
  • Very durable and of similar quality to OEMs
  • A bit expensive


04. BlackPath AZ-BP 736BC – Best Heavy-Duty Suspension Control

BlackPath AZ-BP 736BC



Highlighted Features

  • 4x Tubular Rear Control
  • Heavy-Duty Tubular Steel
  • Bolt-On Kit
  • Easy Installation
  • Delrin Bushings Control Arms

While the shock absorber in the suspension of your Ford Mustang is not all that affects your vehicle’s performance, it aids the brakes and tires’ proper functioning.

That’s why it is essential to ensure that your suspension control is in good condition at all times or to get a replacement like this BlackPath suspension.

Except for 1999-2004 Cobras with IRS models, this black steel suspension control is a perfect fit for any 1979-2004 Ford Mustangs.

Installation of the suspension control is also made easy through a manufacturer’s instruction manual.

Manufactured by Black Path, one of the leading suppliers of high-performance automotive and motorcycle parts, you can also be sure to enjoy great value from this suspension control.

The fabrication design is unique and one of the best in terms of quality and working conditions.

In addition, the rear control arm kit greatly improves handling and limits the possibilities of wheel hops during long travels.

The chassis is stiffened, so your vehicle suspension is properly balanced and maintains firm tire grips while in motion.

You’ll love this suspension kit because it is very durable and made from tough steel. It does not rust easily because of its hard powder coating and high tensile material.

Besides, getting any of these kits would mean you will be getting similar or higher value than getting a stock suspension control. The suspension parts make use of Delrin bushes which are better than the OEM rubber types.

Furthermore, installation is easily done using bolts rather than specially designed fabrications that might be complex sometimes.

  • The suspension control is resistant to corrosion
  • It is easy to install
  • Just ensure the coating is okay before purchase


05. Strange Engineering S6000EM – Best Adjustable Rear Shock

Strange Engineering S6000EM


Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable Suspension
  • Twin-tube Internal Design
  • Quality Steel material
  • 1979-93 Ford Mustang compatibility

Produced in the United States, the Strange Engineering brand’s vehicle suspension kit is one of the best suspension kits for fox body mustang.

Those looking for an improved driving experience can consider purchasing this suspension control.

The control system is different and offers an adjustable rear shock absorber compared to many other products. Since it is adjustable, you would be getting a softer ride quality when driving.

It is called an adjustable shock because more oil is passing through the tube that reduces stiffness. Also, this particular suspension offers up to 10 adjustments to cover for different driving purposes.

The adjusted range determines the rate of recoil or rebounds when on the road.

For in-between-the streets distances, a midway setting is preferred. The ride is just moderate. Not too bumpy, and comfort is at the maximum.

In addition, the tube’s design is the twin-tube type and is made of hard steel that does not leak.

As a result, the suspension kit is guaranteed to last and to provide better driving performance. The parts are quality and are superior to some of the stock suspension kits.

Experienced drivers would enjoy this suspension control. It is made for different scenarios depending on the car use. So, regardless of the occasion, this adjustable shock absorber got you covered.

  • Extra comfort through adjustable shock for different read trips
  • Excellent twin-tube design that does not leak
  • It does not work for coil overs


06. BMR Suspension TCA049H – Best Rear Control for Fox-body Mustang

BMR Suspension TCA049H Rear Control Arms


Highlighted Features

  • 1979-98 Mustangs compatibility
  • Adjustable Suspension
  • Greaseable Durometer bushings
  • Heavy Duty Steel material

Provided you use any of the 1979-98 Mustangs, this black Hammertone is a recommended suspension shock absorber. Its control is relatively simple with quality lower control arms.

The control arms are excellent and contribute some consistency levels to the BMR suspension’s performance upgrade.

One more thing about the suspension control arm is the adjustability.

Since you can set the absorbers to different levels depending on how you will use the vehicle, rear axle wheel alignments are also maintained. Thus, your safety is enhanced while driving.

Another advantage of this is its superior bushing suspension system when compared to the stock counterparts.

BMR Suspension uses greaseable durometer bushings instead of the soft rubber type that is compressed under heavy load.

Hence, unwanted power being absorbed by shock absorbers is avoided by getting this suspension kit. Road performance is seriously enhanced, and the steel polyurethane rod fully supports the car.

In addition, problems of the car sliding out of track are avoided, especially when rounding bends or corners.

Material is made from heavy-duty steel, so it helps with some extra resistance to heavy load.

The heavy steel dimension is 1 5/8 tubing size, and the adjustability feature makes it a strong option to consider.

There is enough grease on internal suspension body parts. The outer edge of the suspension bushing is lubricated too.

So, the driving experience is guaranteed to be quiet, smooth, and maximally comfortable all through your vehicle use.

What’s even more fascinating is the variety of road purposes you can use it for.

These include drag race, street performance, and different types of road events. It also supports scenarios involving high compression loads. With this kit, the vehicle remains balanced and does not deflect under high loads.

  • Fits a different kind of road events and purposes
  • Remains stable under high loading conditions
  • It is a little bit expensive


07. J&M Suspension Kit – Best Adjustable Hot Part Bump Steer Suspension

Adjustable Bump Steer Kit Fits 1979-1993 Ford Mustang Fox Body


Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable Shock
  • Heat-treated chrome moly alloy steel
  • Spherical Rods
  • Corrosive Resistant Suspension Rods

This J&M suspension control is designed with aerospace aluminum and manufactured to fit any Mustang model between 1979-93.

It is quality and offers an upgrade in steering controls and your vehicle’s overall handling during a ride.

Another thing that people like about the suspension kit is that it corrects bump steer. The effect is more pronounced in the form of stability it offers the lower cars. Their tires grip the road more firmly, and wheel alignment is well-taken care of.

Besides, the kit is adjustable with a hex adjustment feature and can be modified for different uses.

Quality is also assured through the spherical rods that sometimes act better than the aluminum rod in many OEMs.

The rod is also treated with heat to ensure that it cannot lose absorbed energy when hot. The moly alloy steel material is tough and very durable.

The finishing is also outstanding, with an anodized touch that offers resistance to corrosion.

  • It upgrades the handling controls
  • Quality suspension kit that is long-lasting
  • It is quite expensive


 8. BMR TCA049R Lower DOM – Best Rear Control Suspension Arms for 1979-98 Mustang

BMR Suspension TCA049R Rear Control Arms


Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable Tubular Control Arms
  • Polyurethane Rod
  • Greasable Durometer Bushings
  • Integrated Spring Perch

Regarding vehicle compatibility, this BMR Suspension control would work well with 1979-98 Ford Mustangs. It also guarantees an upgrade in performance controls asides from compatibility.

Compared to the stock suspension alternatives, this BMR kit uses adjustable tubular control arms instead of its soft rubber arms.

The benefit is that this kit’s control arms would not deflect under loading conditions as many stock suspensions would do.

Therefore, your rides would be more comfortable because the greaseable durometer tubular bushings design perfectly handles high compression loads and accelerates smoothly. It also proves consistency in handling, especially when navigating corners.

One other top feature is its adjustability. It can be used for more specific purposes like drag racing, road racing, or basic street performances by being adjustable. Altogether, this suspension control promises to offer you a full value worth for money.

  • Enhanced handling and more comfortable rides
  • It does not fail under high loading conditions
  • Expensive because of its quality


Buying Considerations of Best Suspension For Fox Body Mustang

The advantage of getting one of the best suspensions for fox body mustang is a better driving experience. With good suspension control, your car tires grip the road better and do not wheel hop.

Taking bends during a ride or drifting is also done seamlessly with lesser safety concerns because of the suspension shocks’ firmness.

Therefore, choosing the right suspension shocks and springs is a step towards better car performance and comfort while driving.

Original stock manufacturers understand the importance of good suspension control, so they put some factors into consideration during manufacture.

What are these factors?

Vehicle’s Type

With the availability of vehicle-specific designs for suspension kits, the type of vehicle you use is crucial in determining the best suspension for fox body mustang. The planned use of the car is also vital.

The best suspension for fox body Mustang is quite different from the best off-road suspension. Therefore, it is best to check for the year of manufacture, the manufacturer’s name, and the specific vehicle’s model you use.

Failure to do so can lead to a waste of money on shock control that is not fit for installation.


While we won’t categorically say this is the most important feature to watch out for, it is the first thing to consider apart from the vehicle’s type. The road surface’s impact is felt on the spring that absorbs it.

Thus, a good suspension control should have a spring that significantly absorbs sudden impact while supporting the vehicle’s weight. A spring design that would perfectly do this would have a somewhat “elastic” nature.

Common spring types are coil springs and leaf springs. If your Ford Mustang is not for heavy-duty use, then the coil spring is what you need. You can always find its application in both the front and rear wheels of automobiles.

The coil springs are usually made with steel alloy because of the strength. They are sometimes coated with chrome to provide resistance to corrosion.

You can also decide to go for the leaf spring if your Ford is for heavy-duty work. The leaf springs are manufactured from curved, thin steel leaves. They are flexible and easily bend or twist while driving through rough road surfaces.

So, the selection of a spring is not just about getting one that is popular. It also entails comparing your vehicle’s intended use and the durability and resistance to corrosion and similar conditions.

Tubular Designs

Suspension For Fox Body Mustang

Designs of suspensions replacement are mostly between the monotube designs or the twin-tubed. Picking which of them is better can be tricky because it all depends on what factors you consider.

However, the monotube designs are quite preferable on a more general basis. Starting with ease of installation, the monotube designs are the better choices because they require lesser effort. They only have one shell.

Aeration is another vital factor where the monotube design is preferred again. The monotube offers a higher chance that the oil and gas, usually nitrogen and oxygen, in the tube do not mix.

It does this better than the twin-tubed because of its two-chambered design compared to one for the twin-tube.

In addition, the monotube offers more damping stability, lesser fading effect, and provides reliable and stable suspension support.

The monotube design is more costly, but the quality of performance it provides validates the price.

Dampers: Shock Absorbers & Struts

The presence of only springs as the absorbing medium would mean the car bounces each time there is an impact.

That’s where the dampers come in – providing stability on shock absorption. Instead of bouncing about as a normal spring would do, dampers absorb a part of the energy from impact and reduce the spring’s tendency to bounce. So, the ride is a bit more comfortable.

The damper can be one-way, two-way, or four-way, depending on the functionalities. One-way adjusts compression while two-way dampers adjust rebounds in addition to compression.

Four-way dampers allow for a high-speed setting for a rebound, the low-speed setting for the rebound, the high-speed setting for compression, and the low-speed setting for compression.

Coil Overs

As the name implies, coil-overs mean coil springs that are pre-assembled over dampers. In a basic suspension control kit, the coil-over is the combination of spring sets and damper. The combination forms a thready coil-over that is used for height adjustment.

Depending on how the spring sets and damper are combined, the coil-over can be used in various applications. It can be used for height control through the spring and damper length or preload adjustment through the spring’s perch.

Furthermore, adjustments for just the compression or rebound alone are carried out using the damper itself.

Hence, depending on your intended use of the vehicle, the spring sets’ combined properties and damper, such as their length, are worth noting.

Suspension Bushes

This is another vital part of the suspension system because the suspension bush is often placed between other suspension parts. It works to minimize erosion of surfaces due to contact between suspension body parts.

It also helps to limit the energy being transferred from one suspension part to another while rolling through the aid of its vibration covers.

Often, bushings are made of rubber, but they can also be made of softer and other firm materials. An example of this is polyurethane.

Depending on the factors being considered, either of the bushings can be preferred. The rubber is much softer, so they allow for a more comfortable ride.

That is why many OEMs use rubber instead. Besides, rubbers do not squeak when placed between suspension parts.

However, rigidity in terms of hardness and lifespan of use favors polyurethane because of its nature. Rubber bushings are more likely to get damaged by oil, excessive heat, UV radiation, or exposure to road chemicals. Also, the installation of rubber bushings is more difficult.

Therefore, polyurethane has the advantage of performance and lifespan, although hey might occasionally cause a little bumpy feel.


To keep enjoying a comfortable and smooth driving experience, proper maintenance of your suspension shock is advised.

If it no longer operates optimally, it is best to pick one of the ones we discussed in this review.

By carefully contrasting the highlighted features, pros, and cons in this review, you can be sure to make the best purchasing decision.

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