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How To Avoid Scams And Get The Best Deals When Buying Used Car Parts

Owning a car is one of the few major life goals for many people all across the planet. It is a sentiment of pride, which is usually associated with luxury and a sense of independence. However, it can bring some additional and unwanted expenses to it as well, such as the costs of maintaining and repairing the vehicle whenever required. Therefore it becomes quite important for car owners to find ways to cut costs. One such way is buying used car parts instead of brand new ones.

Whilst getting your car repaired, you can always opt for previously used parts in place of buying newer ones. This would not only help you save some money, but would also significantly reduce the amount of waste generated. There are many websites on the internet that have a dedicated market for the used car parts, such as You can check them out and search the required parts for your vehicle.

Whenever buying old parts, even though it is not always true, still there are chances that you might get scammed. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind to avoid that. And the following article covers the same, along with how to get the best deals while buying old car parts. So be sure to read till the end:

Why Settle For Used Parts?


There are many expenses already in everyone’s lives. And one must keep on finding ways to cut costs whenever and wherever they can. And if your car needs repairing, then used car parts are a great way to do so. On average, these parts can cost anywhere between 20 to 80 percent of the new parts. This means that newer parts can empty your savings quickly. Thus, you can settle for used car parts and still have your car running smoothly.

Know Exactly What You Require

It is a well-known fact that cars have a lot of parts, both on the inside as well on the outside. And just like the automobile industry, these parts also vary greatly. Any of these parts can require a change due to many reasons. Therefore, as car owners, it becomes very important that you have the knowledge of what needs changing, so that you can go ahead and search for only that specific part.

Moreover, not every part from other car models would fit properly to your requirements. So, make sure to double check before buying anything. However, if you are in doubt, or have any confusion, then you can always approach a professional, who is more than willing to help you and make this a better experience.

Beware Of Counterfeits


One of the key reasons that people get scammed is because of the easy availability of duplicate parts. Counterfeits have been a menace to the human race ever since their invention. They have caused trouble in almost every sector of life and industry, affecting millions.

The same is true with counterfeit car parts, which are sold both as new and old. These are not the parts that you should be buying. There are different types of identification processes, depending on the car’s brand. You can do some research and would be able to tell them apart in no time, thereby saving yourself and your money.

Understand The Products’ Market

One of the things that many people skip is understanding the market. Whether you are purchasing a new model, or an used one, it is essential to know its origin and understand the market. The spare and old parts can be broadly divided into two sections, those which come from scrapped cars in the junkyard, and the OEMs.

The parts that come from the old, used, and abandoned cars in the scrapyards are the ones that have taken the market mostly. These parts are taken out of these cars very precisely before they are sent to be recycled. Then, they are repaired and graded accordingly, and sold to the second hand materials market. The repair and refurbishment of these parts can reduce their lifespan, as these are not done in proper conditions, or by complete professionals.


OEMs, on the other hand, are the original equipment manufacturer parts. These are made by the manufacturers who made your car, meaning that these are made with utmost care and precision, in a suitable and well-controlled environment. These parts are also available in the market, again, both as new and old, and can be bought off as per your needs and requirements. These parts should last longer, and would not be too heavy on your pocket.

Compare And Be Aware

You think you might have found the best deals for the various parts that you require for your vehicle. And sometimes this is true as well. But that is not the case all the time. Many times, the dealers and vendors would trap you in their lucrative deals and offers, making you believe that they are speaking facts. However, these statements are dipped with flaws and mostly have a catch to them. Therefore, be aware of this marketing tactic.

Another important thing is to always compare deals. There are many online and offline stores and vendors of these used parts. You can always check them all out before buying anything, as you never know when and where you might find a better and much cheaper deal. Also, being sure about the warranty and guarantee schemes of the parts is also a nice idea, as this would help you in the long run.



There are many ways one can save money and save the environment as well. One such way is to use the used car parts for your car repairs and refurbishments. There are many places you can find these parts, both online as well as offline. So be sure to check them out the next time your car needs servicing.

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