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Visibility Is Key: How Motorcycle Windshields Improve Safety On The Road

Do you ride a motorcycle? Have you ever dreamed of cruising down the highway with the wind in your hair and the sun on your back? Well, you should also make sure that you have a windshield to protect your face from dirt and debris. Not only can it keep your visibility clear while you ride, but it can also improve your safety on the road.

Motorcycle Windshield Basics

To ensure the safety of motorcyclists on the road, understanding the basics of motorcycle windshields is essential. The primary roles of a windshield are to reduce air resistance, turbulence, and debris such as insects and other objects that can cause distractions for riders or even cause them to lose control. Motorcycle windscreen also helps improve visibility and block wind noise from reaching the rider’s ears.

To maximize these functions, many manufacturers have developed different types of windshields for specific bike sizes and styles of riding.

There are two main materials used for motorcycle windshields: polycarbonate and acrylic. Polycarbonate provides greater strength than acrylic, but also tends to be more expensive due to its added durability. Acrylic is more affordable but can easily scratch over time with excessive use. Additionally, both materials provide varying levels of noise reduction depending on their thicknesses – thicker windshields will generally block out more sound than thinner alternatives. However, there are some types of aftermarket “quiet” motorcycle windshields designed specifically to reduce wind noise while still providing optimal airflow around the rider’s face and upper body.


With the right motorcycle windshield, riders can be safer and more aware of their surroundings while on the road. Motorcycle windshields are designed to not only keep drivers protected from the wind but also to improve visibility.

The wind can cause a number of problems, including buffeting and turbulence that greatly affects the rider’s vision. With an improved windshield, riders will have an improved field of vision that is much clearer. Windshields are also designed to reduce wind noise so the rider can focus on their environment more easily.

Motorcyclists know that driving conditions vary and there are many factors that affect visibility on the road. A good motorcycle windshield will have adjustable features so you can adjust the height, angle, and even tint according to light conditions for optimal visibility. The added layer of protection against rocks, debris, or severe weather also makes a windshield worth investing in!

Adjustable height also helps with added protection against rain or other weather condition shortfalls when driving in rainy climates which may require additional measures not offered by a standard shield setup. Ultimately these adjustments offer greater convenience and peace of mind when driving in all types of riding conditions while improving overall safety standards too!

Types of Windshields


Windshields are typically categorized by style, material, or shape. For example, there are full-coverage touring shields intended for long-distance rides, while short bubble-style shields provide a custom look ideal for cruisers. During colder months or while riding at high speeds along highways and interstates, taller touring shields offer an additional layer of wind protection. Additionally, many manufacturers produce a variety of colors and shapes that give riders the freedom to choose a style that best fits their bike’s aesthetic and personal preference.

Material options vary as well; most stock motorcycle windshields are made from Lexan plastic or acrylic sheeting that provides superior optical clarity with minimal distortion or glare. Windscreens with higher performance characteristics may also be made from polycarbonate material designed to reduce wind buffeting without degrading vision in any direction.

How to Choose the Right One


Choosing the right motorcycle windshield is essential to your safety on the road. Motorcycle riders must be able to see clearly and have optimal protection from wind, dirt, and debris. The right choice can make a major difference in comfort and convenience while riding long distances. Here are some tips to help you choose the right windscreen for your bike:

  • Consider the shape of your motorcycle – The shape of your bike’s frame should be taken into account when selecting the right shield. You need one that will fit snugly and have adequate coverage against wind and other elements.
  • Choose a size based on rider height – It is important to choose a shield that is suitable for your height as an undersized or oversized windscreen can cause a number of issues such as intense buffeting, distorted vision, neck pain, etc. Your height should be taken into account when choosing a shield; however, you should also consider if you often ride with a passenger as this may change what size would be ideal for you.
  • Select an appropriate material – There are various materials used for manufacturing motorcycle windshields such as acrylic, polycarbonate (Lexan), and glass laminate (Tricopolymer). Generally speaking, acrylic offers good scratch resistance at an affordable price point whereas polycarbonate offers superior impact protection but can be quite expensive. Lastly, glass laminate shields offer excellent clarity with good scratch resistance but they are quite pricey too.
  • Choose tinted or untinted – One of the biggest decisions you will make when selecting a shield is if it will be tinted or untinted; this option comes down to personal preference since there isn’t any performance benefit between one or the other. However, tinted shields typically offer greater glare reduction whereas untinted shields offer better visibility overall.

Ultimately, it’s important to find the perfect balance between visibility and protection when picking out your motorcycle windshield; weigh all the factors before making your final selection!

In short

Improved visibility is key for reducing the chance of a fatal motorcycle crash. Motorcycle windshields are an essential part of increasing rider safety—and their visibility while riding. In addition to providing greater protection from wind and other elements, windshields can reduce fatigue and can offer improved aerodynamics which translates to greater fuel efficiency and a smoother ride.

Additional benefits associated with installing a windshield include improved resale value since many riders view them as an asset, as well as increased customization possibilities. Furthermore, in many areas, having a windshield installed is actually required by law in order to ensure greater road safety.

When it comes down to it, it’s important that riders make the decision that fits their individual needs. Whether you decide on purchasing a taller windshield or replacing your existing one with one of equal size, you will certainly see the benefits in terms of improved visibility on the roads and highways ahead.

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