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Best LT1 Optispark Replacement

Top 10 Best LT1 Optispark Replacement For Superior Street Performance 2021

Finding the best LT1 optispark replacement to restore spark to your LT1 engine is never easy. Some of the brands you can choose from include MSD, ACDelco, AIP Electronics, and King Auto Parts. Given that cost is an important consideration when buying, the prices of these different brands will vary.

Editor's Pick
MAS Ignition Distributor with Cap & Rotor Compatible with Optispark LT1 Chevy Camaro Caprice Corvette replace Replacement for 1104032 KA-GM8381
Good Choice
Cardone 84-1832 New HEI Electronic Distributor and Module
Don't Miss
MSD 8481 Distributor Cap and Rotor Kit
Also Consider
Top Street Performance JM6507 Optispark Distributor
MAS Ignition Distributor with Cap & Rotor Compatible with Optispark LT1 Chevy Camaro Caprice Corvette replace Replacement for 1104032 KA-GM8381
Cardone 84-1832 New HEI Electronic Distributor and Module
MSD 8481 Distributor Cap and Rotor Kit
Top Street Performance JM6507 Optispark Distributor
Editor's Pick
MAS Ignition Distributor with Cap & Rotor Compatible with Optispark LT1 Chevy Camaro Caprice Corvette replace Replacement for 1104032 KA-GM8381
MAS Ignition Distributor with Cap & Rotor Compatible with Optispark LT1 Chevy Camaro Caprice Corvette replace Replacement for 1104032 KA-GM8381
Good Choice
Cardone 84-1832 New HEI Electronic Distributor and Module
Cardone 84-1832 New HEI Electronic Distributor and Module
Don't Miss
MSD 8481 Distributor Cap and Rotor Kit
MSD 8481 Distributor Cap and Rotor Kit
Also Consider
Top Street Performance JM6507 Optispark Distributor
Top Street Performance JM6507 Optispark Distributor

Another factor to consider is whether the Optispark is compatible with your car’s Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) Parts Number.

We’re here to save the hassle for you. Let’s find out which is the best replacement you can get on from our list of reviews.

10 Best LT1 Optispark Replacement Comparison Table 2021 (Updated)

MAS Premium
Cardone 84-1832
MSD 8381
Top Street Performance
Assault Racing Products
MSD 8481
ACDelco 19383531
AIP Electronics

What is the Best LT1 Optispark replacement?

From our extensive research, we have concluded that the Ignition Distributor KA-GM8381 made by King Auto Parts is the best Lt1 Optispark replacement.

Why Ignition Distributor KA-GM8381 is the Best LT1 Optispark Replacement?

Ignition Distributor KA-GM8381 has 100% compatibility with OEM parts. It has improved steel bearings for better longevity. On top of that, it comes at a great price, so you can get the best value for your money.

Judging from the many positive product reviews on Amazon, it is clear that this product is of good consistent quality and long durability. It comes in a complete brand new unit that includes the cap and rotor.

10 Best LT1 Optispark Replacements Reviews & Buying Guide

01. Ignition Distributor KA-GM8381

Ignition Distributor KA-GM8381


Highlighted Features

  • 3.1lbs weight capacity
  • Brand new ignition distributor with cap and rotor
  • Wiring harness
  • Air vent
  • Product dimensions: 7 x 4.5 x 5.5 inches

The KA-GM8381 premium ignition distributor comes in a box with the previously indicated dimensions. Included in the box are the cap and rotor.

This product is compatible with Optispark LT1 Chevy Camaro Caprice Corvette. Several professionals recommend it for OEM parts that have been damaged or weakened due to wear and tear.

The recommended brand for this product is the one manufactured by King Auto Parts. All the electronic module components are tested before and after production by a computer. This quality control process ensures the durability and enhanced performance of your engine.

One of the main advantages of this ignition distributor is the range of other distributors having the same compatibility.

A few of them include the 1994 Chevy Caprice Distributor, the 1995-1997 Pontiac Firebird Distributor, and the 1995-1996 Chevy Caprice Distributor, to name a few.

  • 100% compatible with OEM parts
  • Great price
  • Meets OEM standards
  • Some users reported durability issues


02. Cardone 84-1832 New HEI Electronic Distributor

Cardone 84-1832 New HEI Electronic Distributor


Highlighted Features

  • 1.88lbs weight capacity
  • Product dimensions: 10.75 x 6.5 x 7.13 inches
  • Includes cap and rotor
  • Dust covers and gasket
  • Supports many models

The Cardone 84-1832 New HEI electronic distributor is a quality product from one of the leading brands on the market, CARDONE.

This new ignition distributor goes through a special design to ensure it meets its proper fit, form, and function.

CARDONE bases its products on a reverse-engineering technology called CARDONE Engineered Technology.

This technology identifies weaknesses in the original design and corrects them to produce products of remarkable quality.

Additionally, the products from CARDONE have all undergone testing in real-world driving conditions.

  • Meets/exceeds OEM performance
  • Fully computer tested
  • Guaranteed fit and function
  • Prone to failure


03. MSD 8381 Pro-Billet Distributor

MSD 8381 Pro-Billet Distributor


Highlighted Features

  • 3.8lbs. weight capacity
  • Product dimensions: 4 x 9.3 x 12.3 inches
  • Large ball bearing
  • Fresh air vent
  • Advanced optical encoder trigger
  • Extra thick cap mounting surface

The MSD 8381 Pro-Billet Distributor is a high-performance distributor from MSD that replaces the OEM GM LT1 Optispark.

As the name suggests, it has been built from an entire aluminum block and machined to a precise housing.

The housing has a reliable and stable pickup assembly consisting of an advanced optical encoder.

Also contained in the housing is an ignition timing mechanism that allows for the adjustment of ignition timing. This feature makes this MSD distributor the only one with that ability.

The timing adjustability is made possible by an adjustment screw that permits the adjustment of the timing. Meanwhile, the heavy-duty cap is equipped with a mounting surface to eliminate leaks.

  • Allows timing adjustability
  • Fresh air vent
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • A bit more expensive than the rest


04. Top Street Performance JM6507 Optispark Distributor

JM6507 Optispark Distributor


Highlighted Features

  • 2.75lbs. weight capacity
  • Product dimensions: 10.2 x 9.4 x 5 inches
  • For 1995-1997 Chevy 5.7L V8 engines
  • Integrated module
  • Pin Drive Optispark I replacement

The Top Street Performance JM6507 Optispark Distributor is another Top Street Performance (TSP) product manufactured from high-quality materials to exceed OEM standards.

Such high-quality standards from TSP make it a popular brand for OEM replacement distributors.

In particular, this integrated module is a perfect fit for a Pin Drive Optispark I replacement.

  • Affordable price
  • Reliable performance
  • High-quality construction
  • No warranty


05. Assault Racing Products 1235002 Non-Vented Optispark Distributor

Assault Racing Products 1235002 Non-Vented Optispark Distributor


Highlighted Features

  • No wiring harnesses
  • Spline drive
  • Non-Vented ignition distributor
  • New ignition distributor for 1992-1994 GM LT1 engines
  • Complete unit: cap and rotor

This Optispark distributor from Assault Racing Products features a complete unit with a cap and rotor. It is applicable for 1992-1994 GM LT1 engines.

Moreover, it is a high-quality product that makes it a good fit that will serve your car’s engine for a long time.

“However, it requires some additional modifications. For instance, you need to remove the screws that hold the rotor then lock them tightly before reinstalling them. Additionally, the cap needs sealing.”

  • Good quality construction
  • Fast product delivery
  • Affordable
  • Requires additional modifications


06. MOSTPLUS Ignition Distributor and Harness

MOSTPLUS Ignition Distributor and Harness


Highlighted Features

  • 4-Prong plug
  • 3.84lbs weight capacity
  • Product dimensions: 10.1 x 9.2 x 5.2 inches
  • Direct OEM replacement
  • Complete unit with module, rotor, and cap
  • High-quality material

MOSTPLUS’s products undergo strict quality control procedures throughout their entire production process.

These procedures ensure that each part manufactured out of the production line is of a high enough quality to meet the required standards.

Besides, their products do not require any further modification. They are 100% tested to improve the performance of your model.

MOSTPLUS identifies every product with an issue and records them to ensure no sub-par product reaches the market.

  • The product doesn’t require any further modifications
  • Affordable
  • High-quality material


07. MSD 8481 Distributor Cap and Rotor Kit – Great Quality Replacement for Optispark

MSD 8481 Distributor Cap and Rotor Kit


Highlighted Features

  • 1.84lbs weight capacity
  • High dielectric properties
  • Rotor tip with stainless steel design
  • High-quality cap and rotor
  • Epoxy encased terminal paths

This MSD product features a high-quality cap and rotor specifically designed for the front mount LT1 distributor.

This unit has extreme strength that is sure to enhance the performance of the LT1 engine.

Additionally, the injection model housing consists of DuPont material. This material ensures the product is of professional quality that does not just meet but exceeds OEM standards.

An epoxy compound encases the terminal paths to protect them from corrosion and failure.

  • Great price
  • Excellent quality
  • Fresh air ventilation
  • Doesn’t have a warranty


08. ACDelco 19383531 Ignition Distributor – High-Quality Replacement for Many Vehicles

ACDelco 19383531 Ignition Distributor


Highlighted Features

  • 2.78lbs weight capacity
  • Product dimensions: 10 x 12 x 4 inches
  • Distributor cap and rotor
  • Switching device
  • Distributor shaft

ACDelco’s products are known for their performance and durability. The Remanufactured Distributor made of new components replaced from damaged parts contains a distributor shaft, switching device, distributor rotor, and distributor cap.

The advantage of remanufacturing is that the mechanical parts are not processed as scrap or disposed of but undergo rebuilding as per ACDelco specifications.

This process produces a replacement module of high quality, durability, performance, and serviceability.

One defining characteristic of this product is the switching device. This sensor sends to the ignition coil primary unit circuit a signal that turns it either on or off at the appropriate moment.

The ACDelco 19383531 Ignition Distributor can fit into a number of models including the 1994-1996 Cadillac Fleetwood, the 1995-1996 Chevrolet Impala, and the 1994-1996 Buick Roadmaster.

  • High performance and durability
  • Meets expectations for form, fit, and function
  • Aftermarket replacement of professional quality
  • Expensive


09. ACCEL (ACC 59125) Performance Replacement Distributor

ACCEL (ACC 59125)


Highlighted Features

  • 3.2lbs weight capacity
  • Direct plug-in factory replacement
  • Coated rotor blade
  • High dielectric strength and glass-reinforced cap
  • Aluminum housing

This product from ACCEL is a replacement for GM Opti-Spark II Distributor. The factory replacement is a direct plug-in which is designed to make installation an easy process.

It features a housing made of aluminum. Meanwhile, the cap has a glass reinforcement with high dielectric strength.

The housing and cap have an installed vent to prevent corrosion and dispel any internal heat that may cause failure.

There’s also a seal designed to prevent debris from causing any damage to the unit.

Another notable feature of this product is the special coating on the rotor blade that prevents corrosion and ensures long serviceability.

In addition to being sealed, the cap with brass contacts is over-molded with epoxy compound to prevent arc-over.

“If anything, one of the downsides about this product is that the labor installation can be expensive compared to the other products on this list. If that’s not a problem for you, then you can expect reliable performance from this one.”

  • Enhanced performance
  • Affordable
  • High quality
  • High cost of labor installation


10. AIP Electronics Non-Vented Optispark Ignition Distributor

AIP Electronics Non-Vented Optispark


Highlighted Features

  • 3.15lbs weight capacity
  • Product dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10 inches
  • Professional grade
  • Premium quality
  • Direct OEM replacement
  • Exact OEM factory exterior appearance

Over the past few years, AIP Electronics has expanded its reach to almost every corner of the world. It spreads across many industries covering heavy equipment and passenger vehicle transportation.

This manufacturer is known for its high-quality direct factory fit parts designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. As such, it leads the industry in providing buyers with top-grade direct replacement parts.

Given that AIP replacement parts are designed and manufactured by facilities using advanced processes, it is the preferred brand among many professional technicians. AIP products are sure to give you value for your money.

Instead of wasting your hard-earned money on cheaply made unbranded components, it’s best to take advantage of AIP’s high quality products instead.

In particular, this 1st generation distributoris a new heavy-duty distributor assembly belonging to the Stock Series. This series is a heavy-duty ignition parts brand.

One of its defining features is its exact OEM factory exterior appearance that helps boost a racing car’s performance without giving the impression that an ignition upgrade has been made under the hood.

It comes with a complete unit featuring the cap rotor module and all the required timing sensors. If you are searching the market for a replacement part for your old and worn-out ignition distributor, then this product is perfect for you.

It can fit a handful of car models such as the 1993-1994 Pontiac Firebird Formula 5.7L and the 1992-1994 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 5.7L.

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • High machine tolerance
  • High professional quality
  • Direct OEM replacement
  • Expensive to install


Buying Considerations of Best LT1 Optispark Replacement

If you’re looking to restore proper spark to your engine and boost your engine’s performance, it is crucial to find the right brand and model for your Optispark.

Making this decision is made more difficult with the number of brands in the market promising to give the best results.

Fortunately, we have come up with a buying guide that we hope will help you make an informed choice when buying an ignition distributor. Below are some of the factors you should consider when shopping for your replacement part:

1. Brand Value

There are many brands out there. To help you make a better decision, you should limit your search to brands whose price matches their quality.

Always go for the trusted brands that have built a reliable reputation and customer base over many years since such brands have consistent quality. Additionally, through testing and usage, their products show proof of enhancing performance.

Brands that are approved by most professional mechanics are worth the risk. Avoid those that are generally left out by professionals.

Consider the technology that each brand uses for its product.

To get more information, you need to conduct extensive research before purchase. You can get useful information from online forums, product reviews, websites that rate products, word-of-mouth, or buying guides. Make sure the information you acquire is trustworthy and reliable.

2. Compatibility

Compatibility is a crucial factor to consider. You most certainly do not want to spend a great deal of money on a product that does not fit your vehicle’s specifications.

Before buying, always check to see whether the ignition distributor is a perfect fit for your car. You’d want to find out if the product is compatible with your engine’s ignition distributor or not.

Go for the products with 100% compatibility with OEM parts. These products apply to a range of LT1 engines.

For those that require some modifications before installation, it is up to you to judge whether the cost of the variations is worth it. Products that need slight tempering are okay since such changes are easy to make.

3. Features and Specifications

You need to know your ignition distributor. Buying something that you don’t fully understand may eventually be a disadvantage even for the product you got at a fair price.

With information about a product’s features and specifications, it will be easier to identify what features set the product apart from the others. Such information makes your buying decision a lot easier.

These are some of the questions you should ask yourself. How do the said features work to boost your engine’s performance?

Does the ignition distributor have advanced features that prevent overheating or the buildup of toxic exhaust fumes? What specific technology does the product use to reduce backpressure?

4. Durability and Quality

You want a high-quality product that will last you for the longest time possible. With this in mind, it is good practice to consider the type of material that each brand uses.

Is it of professional quality? Does it meet or exceed OEM standards? What kind of testing does it go through before packaging?

An understanding of the product’s manufacturing methods and quality control processes is helpful.

A distributor that undergoes advanced testing in real-world driving conditions and quality checks is sure to have lasting durability.

A heavy-duty distributor assembly has extra strength that will prevent corrosion and damage.

WH Questions of LT1 Optispark Replacement

What is an Optispark and How Does It Work?

An Optispark is an ignition distributor that is triggered optically. LT1, LT4, and LT99 engines use this ignition distributor.

The Optispark distributor consists of two parts: a cap and rotor section with high voltage and an optical section with low voltage.

It is usually located at the front of the LT1 behind the water pump and above the crank snout.

There is a disk in the low-voltage optical section that has 360 slots in it. These slots represent the full movement of crank rotation. A beam emitted from a small laser unit passes through the disk.

The disk slots pass through the beam creating pulses that the laser unit registers. The cap/rotor side times both the spark and injector pulses. This design makes for a timing mechanism with outstanding quality.

What are My Replacement Options?

The most preferred option is to replace your damaged Optispark distributor with a new complete unit.

Although remanufactured parts may be cheaper, their quality may not be as high as that of a new ignition distributor.

You may also want to convert your LT1 engine to a Northstar coil pack setup using the Delteg Opti eliminator.

The eliminator performs the conversion using either the Opti part of the optical section or a stage 2 process that effectively stamps out the Opti.

Another option is the LTCC LT1 coil from Bailey Engineering. It features a coil-pack conversion adapter that requires the optical section to send a signal for it to work.

Lastly, you may still opt for a re-engineered unit such as the Dynaspark. This ignition distributor comes with a billet aluminum housing and a sealed cap.

Why Do Optisparks Fail?

You can locate the Optispark behind the water pump. This location makes it susceptible to moisture from various sources leading to failure.

Listed below are some of the cases that may lead to the Optispark failing:

In case the bearings in your water pump fail, the coolant flows out through the weep hole. This failure soaks the Optispark rending it useless.

It is for this reason that you must remove the water pump when replacing an Optispark.

Another scenario is when you are driving through high water. In this case, the Optispark gets submerged underwater and becomes prone to failure.

If you are using an automatic car wash, it is best to avoid those with undercarriage wash. They may also soak your Optispark.

For this reason, do not wash any motor of the LT series with either a high-pressure sprayer or hose. 

The accumulation of moisture inside the Optispark poses a danger to your engine. First, it weakens the bearings making them prone to failure due to misalignment.

Secondly, the precise parts inside the optical section may rust and make crank rotation difficult.

Lastly, the high voltage in the cap and rotor section generates ozone buildup. This buildup is considered a wear item in the ignition distributor that may lead to failure.


We understand how strenuous choosing the best LT1 Optispark replacement for your engine is. We hope that our detailed buying guide will make your buying decision less troublesome.

The ten product reviews are a good starting point. With them, your buying decision will be more informed. Lastly, remember many other products are also of high quality. Let your research guide you into what you should buy.

If these weren’t enough, take a look at these products from the same price range, that are available right now on Amazon:

JDMON Compatible with Ignition Distributor Nissan Truck Frontier Xterra Quest Pickup V6 1996-2004 Replace 22100-1W601 221000W001
  • Compatible with Nissan Pathfinder 1996 - 2000,Nissan Frontier ,Nissan Quest 1999 - 2004, Infiniti QX4 1997 - 2000, Mercury Villager 1999 - 2002.Note:Please use enter your vehicle in your Amazon Garage above to see if this part is compatible with your vehicle.
  • Replace Part Number:221001W601,221000W001,XF5Z12127AA,221007B001,221007B000,221001W600,NS60,8458600,DST58600,3158600.Direct replacement of original parts.
  • 100% Tested:All electronic module components of this ignition distributor are 100% computer tested to ensure full functionality.
  • Precision Process:Precision machined bodies assure correct fit and accurate mount locations.Precision machined ground shafts assure high speed accuracy and prevent bearing failures.
  • Includes:The complete assembly of the ignition distributor including the ignition module, cap and rotor eliminates the need to use old parts or purchase these parts.Seals are ready to install.
Assault Racing Products 1030213 for Small Block Ford HEI Ignition Blue Cap Distributor with 50K Coil Small Block SBF 260 289 302
  • 50,000 volt ignition coil
  • Simple 1-wire hookup
  • Not compatible with factory EFI systems
  • Not recommended for EFI to carbureted swaps
Ignition Distributor for 1998-2002 for Honda Accord Distributor Hitachi LX/EX/SE 98-99 Acura CL L4 2.3L fits D4T9607 / D4T96-07 / D4T9703 / D4T97-03
  • Please use the year/make/model drop down bar and interchangeable part numbers to confirm compatibilit.
  • 4 Prong Plug Connectors,COMPATIBLE WITH Hitachi 2.3L MODELS ONLY.Engineered For 1998-1999 Acura CL,1998-2002 for Honda Accord L4
  • "TS16949 certified OE distributor manufacturer,high grade impact/wear resistant steel gears.OE + durability. "
  • Compatible Part Numbers: 30100-PAA-A01 , 30100-PAA-02 , 30100PAAA01 , 30100PAA02 Hitachi: D4T96-07 , D4T97-03 , D4T9607 , D4T9703
  • Built to strict quality control standards, It comes complete and ready to install, Direct replacement of stock OEM part,upgrade for racing application.with all brand new parts including the cap, rotor, ignition module coil, and all necessary sensors.
MAS Compatible Ignition Distributor w/Cap & Rotor TD-80U TD80U TD-98U compatible with 96-98 Honda Civic 1.6L SOHC Civic del Sol TEC D16Y7 D16Y 30100-P2E-A01 30100P2EA01
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: Before placing the order, please check your car model in the Amazon Fitment Filter System in the top left corner. Compatibility information provided is for reference only. Please make sure to match the exact part numbers between this part and the part that you are replacing. Contact your mechanics, or send us a message to make sure it matches exactly in case of doubt before purchasing.
  • Distributor Plug Configuration: 9 Pin Square Connector Comes with Distributor, Cap, Rotor and Coil
  • OEM Ref # TD80, TD80U, TD-80U, TD-98U, 30100-P2E-A01, 30100P2EA01, TD98U
  • All Electronic Module Components Are Computer Tested Before And After Assembly
  • 100% Compatible with OEM Parts, meets Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Standards
MOSTPLUS TD-80U Ignition Distributor Compatible with 1996-1998 Honda Civic 1.6L SOHC Civic del Sol D16Y7 D16Y
  • [ OEM numbers ] --- TD-80U, TD-98U, 30100-P2E-A01, 690-120. Direct OEM Replacement
  • [ Application ] --- Compatible with 1996-1998 Honda Civic 1.6L; Compatible with 1996-1997 Honda Del Sol 1.6L S & SI Models; Compatible with 1997 Acura EL 1.6L
  • [ Accessories ] --- Complete unit including 9 Pin Square Connector Distributor, Cap, Rotor and Coil. No installation guides are included, we suggest you look for help from professional forum or one mechanic
  • [ High Quality ] --- MOSTPLUS Ignition Distributors are Fully CNC machined and polished housing with adjustable vacuum advance. 100% tested before shipment
  • [ Warm Tips ] --- Please check the year/make/model of your vehicle with the fitment chart and OEM number for the right compatibility before purchase
MOSTPLUS Ignition Distributor Compatible with 1999 2000 2001 Honda CRV CR-V 2.0L DOHC 30100-P6T-T01
  • [ OEM numbers ] --- 30100-P6T-T01, 30100P6TT01, 6082903, TD-74U, TD74U
  • [ Application ] --- Compatible with 1999-2001 Honda CR-V 2.0L DOHC
  • [ Accessories ] --- Complete unit including 8 Prong Plug Distributor, Cap, Rotor and Coil. No installation guides are included, we suggest you look for help from professional forum or one mechanic
  • [ High Quality ] --- MOSTPLUS Ignition Distributors are Fully CNC machined and polished housing with adjustable vacuum advance. 100% tested before shipment
  • [ Warm Tips ] --- Please check the year/make/model of your vehicle with the fitment chart and OEM number for the right compatibility before purchase
Performance Hei Ignition Distributor Compatible with Chevy GM SBC BBC 9000RPM V8 65k Coil 283 305 307 327 350 400 Small Blocks and 396 427 454 Big Blocks
  • New HEI distributor for small block/big block Chevys. Standard size HEI.
  • Direct fit for GM application utilizing the 4-pin ignition module.
  • 65,000 high voltage coil spark through 9,000 RPM, upgraded for racing application----Japanese NSK Bearing, Aviation Grade Aluminum #7071, Melonized Steel Gear.
  • Fit 283, 305, 307, 327, 350, and 400 small blocks, and 396, 427, and 454 big blocks.
  • Factory warranty 100,000 miles or 5 years. US based service team, money back is guaranteed.
Handor Ignition Distributor Compatible with Honda CRV CR-V 1999 2000 2001 2.0L DOHC Replacement# 30100-P6T-T01
  • 🚗 Usually a faulty distributor rotor and cap will produce a few symptoms. On occasion, the problem becomes evident before outright failure occurs. For instance, if your car shakes while idling, or if you hear a high-pitched squeal emanating from under the hood, then ignition distributor may be the culprit. Other signs of trouble include engine stalling and backfiring. If there’s any problem on ignition distributor, don’t hesitate to replace it.
  • 🚗 This Ignition Distributor Compatible with 2001 Honda CR-V EX Sport Utility 4-Door 2.0L, 2001 Honda CR-V LX Sport Utility 4-Door 2.0L, 2001 Honda CR-V SE Sport Utility 4-Door 2.0L, 2000 Honda CR-V EX Sport Utility 4-Door 2.0L, 2000 Honda CR-V LX Sport Utility 4-Door 2.0L, 2000 Honda CR-V SE Sport Utility 4-Door 2.0L, 1999 Honda CR-V EX Sport Utility 4-Door 2.0L, 1999 Honda CR-V LX Sport Utility 4-Door 2.0L.
  • 🚗 This Ignition Distributor is direct replacement for original parts, and made from high-quality materials for ultimate durability. Cross Reference/Replacement Part Numbers for: 30100-P6T-T01, 30100-P6T-T010-M2, TD74U, 6082903, 30100P6TT01, TD-74U, TC08A, 606-58920, 60658920, 84-17452, 8417452, DST17452. Complete unit including 8 Prong Plug Distributor, Cap, Rotor and Coil.
  • 🚗 A failed ignition distributor is one that simply won’t spark. Failure can happen at any time, causing a running engine to stop. Any time you have routine service performed on your vehicle, ask that the ignition system be checked. Made of premium material, anti-corrosion and more durable, our products are perfect for replacing your old worn out distributor.
  • 🚗 Restore proper spark in your Honda with this Complete Distributor Assembly. All electronic module components of this ignition distributor are 100% computer tested to ensure full functionality. Handor Ignition Distributor delivers superior performance, improved fuel economy and longer life.

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